How to Teach Your Child to Swallow a Pill

Teach your child to easily swallow a pill so that he can do it when he has a medication or later in life.

You will need to make sure his gag reflex is working properly first, just make sure he can swallow a mouthful (Not too much!) of water without any of it going out of his mouth. To teach your child to swallow a pill you will need small “candy pills” of 8 different sizes ranging from small to large for him to practice on.

Have him drink some water and then look at the ceiling, then have him swallow. Once he is comfortable with that have him put the smallest “pill” in his mouth, look up at the ceiling and try to swallow it with the water. Just have him pretend that its just the water. Unlike pills these “candy pills” won’t leave a horrible taste in your mouth after you’ve tried to swallow it for too long so he can practice for however long he wants.

After he has swallowed it give him some praise and maybe a reward. Then have him swallow it 5 times. This should be easier now since he is a little more experienced. Once hes swallowed the smallest pill 5 times have him work up slowly to the larger pills.

And thats all to it!

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  1. that worked for me only i didnt use candy pills i used m and m’s and then i had her look up st the cieling

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