Kiddo,i’m Proud of You

Children needs parents to be proud of them and give them chance to growth & explore the world :)

Children are the focus of the hope and pride of the parents. Therefore, we prepare them to be successful in the future.  Let us remain, the early moment when they born. We smiled and whispered in their ears all our expectations, such as “When you grown up be an engineer or doctor.” . Usually our expectation to children reflect our condition, e.g.if a doctor has a child, so he expect his child become more successful doctor than he is now. Unconsciously, our expectation to our children is over and become obsession, until we push them to be what we want. This condition occur to first child or only child. In first child, he has to be model for his younger brother and sister and in only child case, he is the only hope for his parents.

            Over expectation give bad impact for children development and parents’ psychological. We will discussion about bad impact of over expectation in parents’ psychological. First, it will give pressure for parents. Because when they have child they already have expectation for their child and  to reach that they make plan. At that time, they are forget that their child is human – which is he is growth and dynamic. Parents become upset when their child cant do  every single plan they made. Second, they are forcing their child to do their wish. Forcing their wish will be one of the causes from bad impact of over expectation in children. The last impact for parents is frustration. It will happen when their child can’t fulfill their expectation and parents begin to blame themselves for their children’s failure. This condition can cause fight or argue between mommy and daddy.

            Now we will discuss about bad impact of over expectation in children. First, over expectation will give pressure to children’s psychological. Second, children will lose their creativity because they have no choice but parents’ choice and they can’t improve their talent – if it is not connecting with their parents expectation. Forcing parent’s wish can caused rebellion in children – which is influence attachment between child and parents. If all those thing happen, it is impossible to us to guide our children is not machine or doll, that we can set by our expectation. Children have their own willingness, every children have different talent and ability – even from their parents.

            Our duty as parents is to facilitate and guide our children to develop themselves and explore their talent, so they can choose their own way to success and be  bright as themselves.

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  1. mantapss …lebih asyik pake pic gan.. tambah gambar…

  2. @garong makasi sarannya gan :) be better for the next gan :)

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