Lethal Toys

Be careful of the toys you buy; a lot of them are dangerous.

A while back, we bought the noisemaker party pack for my daughter.  The cone shaped horn that makes noise when you blow into them.   This toy is typically sold as a party favorite and given out to children during birthday parties.  This is such a common toy, we though it would be fun for her.   There were three of these in the party pack.  

She started to play with it when we reached the car.    My daughter gave one to my son and they started having fun blowing and making a racket in the car.  After a while, she started coughing very loud and repeatedly and then a cough out a tiny piece of plastic.   It seems that she had sucked instead of blowing into the horn and some how the plastic that help produce the noise was dislodge and she sucked it into her throat.  

Luckily, she managed to cough it out otherwise who know what would have happened.

There are so many dangerous toys out there.  Some of the toys we bought easily broke and the edges were as sharp as any knife I know.  Scary to think the injury or danger all these toys pose to children.

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Image via Wikipedia

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  1. Some toys are not well thought out in their design, for sure.

  2. OMG…I hope the accident hasn’t left any lasting damage to your daughter. Its a good job you found the plastic. Thanks for posting the article.

  3. thanks for the post

  4. It’s not just toys, although children are more likely to hurt themselves. With the apparant amount of thought and creativity that goes into the design and production of toys an other products, the harm they can cause is quite shocking.

  5. I did not find the plastic, my daughter cough it out. We did not realize it until she showed it to us.

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