Miss Mary’s Rambling News 14/02/2012

More news from marylou peck.

I made a big mistake in last weeks paper. Our indoor sale at the Center
is Feb. 6th. But even after that if you have stuff to donate we will
appreciate it as we plan to have another sale in the spring when weather

permits an out side sale.
On Saturday Jan. 28th. A very dear lady from the Senior Center passed
away. Her name was Isa Deaton. I never heard of any one who did not love

and admire her.
Today Thursday Feb 2nd is the 30th. birthday of my oldest grandchild His

name is George Lee Scott Keown, I’ll never forget the wonderful day he
was born. He now has a beautiful wife and two gorgeous daughters. We are

all so proud of him.
Feb. 5th. will be Scott’s Mother my daughter’s Birthday. She will
probably get me good for telling this but she will be 49 years old.
Sometimes I wonder how I can possibly have a child that old? I am so
proud of my family. God has truly blessed me.
Feb. 16th. will be my only son’s 38th. birthday Not only is he my only
son, He is my baby. He has a beautiful wife and a gorgeous 13 yr. old
The 18th is our Grandson Thomus Keith’s 25th. birthday. He has both a
beautiful daughter and a handsome boy. We have so much to be thankful
And last but certainly not least on Feb. 28th. will be my very best
friends birthday. His name is Denny Baker. He will be 61 years of age.
He lives in Wales in the United Kingdom. His Mam just passed away Jan.
I am so sorry this did not make it into last weeks paper. I was very
sick for several days. But feeling much better now.
We had a great yard and bake sale last week even if I did put the wrong
date in the paper earlier on.
I really enjoyed last Tuesdays women’s group meeting at the Catholic
Church. Although I was not feeling well. Chandra was there with us. I
always enjoy doing things with her. Beth Allen was our speaker. I do
believe everyone enjoyed her visit with us. I was really sick when I got

On Tuesday at the Senior Center, Jett Tours were there talking about
future trips. She gave out a ticket to a trip planned by the center soon

and my hubby Bob won the ticket. That made him feel good.
I was still feeling rough on Wed and I stayed home in bed the rest of
the week. On Thursday Beth Allen was at the Senior Center and I was told

everyone had a wonderful time.
On Thursday I also got a phone call from a lady in Lexington, who said
she reads my article every week. She said they had a good combination
C.D. and Cassette player with a radio that also works good and we could
have it if the Center still needed it. We made arrangements to meet at
Dairy Queen on Saturday.
On Friday I went to the Dr at 10:30 am. Got a shot and meds then went by

the Center for lunch as we knew the Lee County Center were there
spending the morning with us. I did not get to spend much time with them

but they seemed very nice. I really hope i get to go when our Center
goes to visit them.
On Sat. afternoon at 2:00 P.M. we met Joe and Virginia Rice of Lexington

at the Dairy Queen and collected that Radio combo. We ended up talking
for well over an hour. They are truly lovely people. I invited them back

some time in the future during the week so they can come visit us at the

On Sunday afternoon I got a call from Vada Guge. She said she is
beginning to feel a bit better now. Seems she had four stents put   in

before in October they finally had to do her by-pass. She was in
Hospital for quite a long while then they put her in Campton Nursing
Home for a couple of weeks.
She wants to return to our Catholic Church meetings as soon as she has
the strength to drive there and she wants to start coming to the center
as she is so tired of being home alone. Get better soon Vada. We will
welcome you with love and happiness.

Take care everyone and may God Bless us all. Mary 668-7907

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