Most Common Causes of Leg Pain in Children

During the growth years (generally 3-12 years old), a child may undergo certain physical changes and transitions. Some can be bearable, some can be discomforting. At some stage in their growth years, your children might whine of having painful legs. Thus, without a fever or so, your children may be experiencing growing pains.

Basically, growing pains are muscle aches in the legs, which usually occur at night or before bedtime. Other children might not complain of aches before bedtime but they could experience the discomfort later at night. More often than not, children undergoing growing pains complain of achy muscles behind their knees, in front of their thighs, and their calf muscles. Some medical experts believe that this condition occurs on children because they’re usually active during daytime. Hence, a significant impact to their muscular system happens due to over-activity. Growing pains is neither caused by any bone growth, nor a disease. In fact, this is normal in almost all children until they stop growing or until they reach their teenage years. 

It is really normal in children to experience growing pains. However, there could be severe cases that your child may be having than growing pains. You must verify such complaint of leg pain in children by checking if your child doesn’t have any fever. Nevertheless, do not ignore such complaint if the pain is severe and persistent. Ask your doctor immediately, or bring your child to a pathologist for proper treatment and attention.

Consequently, there are mild and serious causes or reasons of leg pain in children. One of which is Osteomyelitis; it is a bone infection associated with painful legs, fever, and pus from open wounds, fatigue, and irritation. Osteomyelitis usually affects the shin and long bones. Another cause of leg pain is the Osgood-Schlatter disease which develops mostly in teenagers who are extremely active in sports. Such disease commonly occurs in activities like jumping, running, skating, soccer, basketball, ballet, and gymnastics. Nonetheless, it is resolved when the child and his bones stop growing.

Seemingly, ill-fitting footwear may also cause achy legs in children. Since children are growing rapidly, they are required to regularly change their footwear; thus, special shoes must be worn for play habits and certain sports. Children who are sports enthusiasts should wear proper types of footwear in order to avoid any discomfort and prevent leg pains.

Finally, leg pain in children is just one of the numerous health conditions that they might experience through their growing years. Hence, you can help your child with this phenomenon by asking proper medical assistance from experts. Undoubtedly, you wouldn’t want to see your child having sleepless nights due to achy legs during the night.

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