Should Obese Children be Taken Away From Their Parents?

Children that are over-weight may be taken away from their families and put into foster care!

Children are supposed to be healthy right? Well, what if they aren’t?  What if a child is morbidly obese? Can anything be done about it?  Well, certain states are trying to do something about it; they want to take children that are extremely overweight away from their families and put them in a healthy environment so they can lose weight.  

As adults we are the ones responsible to take care of our children.  We know if they are eating too much and we know what their “normal weight” should be.  So why is it that so many children are overweight?  It is because we can’t say no to our children?  

The truth is that when we are buying food and snacks for our children it is much easier and cheaper to buy things that are full of sugar than to buy things that are healthy.  We know that we have to pay more money for good healthy foods and we also know that our kids may not eat it.  As someone who has spent the better part of the last few years trying to get on a healthy diet myself I know that temptations to buy what tastes good often wins over what is good for you.

When it comes to our children’s well-being should the government step in and take over if our kids are not doing well? Or should they offer programs that will help? And what if it seems that the parents are unwilling or unable to get their kids on a strict diet, what should happen then? I know most parents would simply die at the thought of their child being taken away temporarily but wouldn’t that be better than the child dying from being morbidly obese? What do you think? 

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  1. it s a good article and argument.. but today’s kids are mostly the blame because out door activities are far and few for them .. as parants we can lead the horse to water but we can’t make them drink.. something like that..

  2. this is so true, its cheaper to buy a box of debby cakes, than a bag of apples, and yes in a perfect world we would feed our kids all the healthy stuff and they would be the perfect weight but its not so, maybe instead of taking them from their parents why dont they counsel them, let them have free passes to a local pool or gym or duh have more free play time at school like we did as a kid, most overweight kids hate the gym classes where most are made fun of, just allow them to walk, or any activity, as long as they are moving

  3. I don’t think obese children should be taken away from parents. I think parents should instill healthy eating habits in their kids since they’re young. Parents should fill their grocery carts with fresh fruits and vegetables instead of sugary cereals and cookies. They should also encourage them to exercise several times a week perhaps walking. Obesity can also be genetics. A very good share. I really like your writing. marlene

  4. I think parents should be taught how to prepare healthy meals, but if the kids continue to be obese, they should be put in caring homes that will watch their diets until parents take on the responsibility.

  5. This is tough because I know a lot of children who have been in foster care where they’ve been molested. I think parents should be taught new skills on what to feed their children and when children are small, start them on eating vegetables that way they will be use to them when they’re older.

    Another thing is get them off the couch and outdoors. If they don’t have a computer and video games to play with they don’t have a reason to be sedentary.

    When we were kids our parents never bought pop and cookies, that was a treat once in a blue moon and I mean once in a blue moon, so if parents don’t buy all that sugary garbage they have no reason to eat it.

    Parents need to be proactive instead of inactive.

  6. Obesity is really a problem that could lead to a lot of disease. Dont take kids from parents, but parents to be responsible.

  7. Good article. I do not think the government has the right to take children from their parents. If we do, this will set a precedent about other things like taking kids away from parents who smoke.

  8. There has to be a better and more sensible way to deal with this issue.

  9. I personally think that the parents should be given a chance to get their kids on the right path and if they fail to do so the government should make it mandatory for the parents to take the child somewhere that will help. Of course that gets tricky if the parents cannot afford to pay for such services so they may need to implement some kind of program for it.

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