The Comeback: Seven

The comeback.

In Pelifet he put everything well in memory, to grandmother promised
Merloni Mestalla in a bag is the choice and went home.

The woman put the patch, did what he had said, and after fifteen days seemed quite another. It was not sad or crying face on the plain, but always laughing and singing, turning the mountain. In Pelifet eye could not see any of such content. And then one day, while the woman was making his prayer to oak beam, turned a tamborinada suddenly.

The sky was black as soot and put the thunder seemed to have esclovellar of the mountain.

In Pelifet, when he saw that he who lights the lamp and pull the oak dazzling way to go out to the woman. When a piece to be outside, the wind will turn off the light, and, as it was so dark, he is lost in the middle of the trees. And, while I was feeling and empassegant, being sound of voices,

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