The Comeback: Three

The comeback.

feared the crying and found again, as always, to the flat faces. In a span of GADA Pelifet eyes.

-Still crying, Mio? ¿What you crying now? …

-Menyoro both! …

Valgam God, our Lord! … ¿We have three tenyores? …

-What are three butterflies alone in a house …! …

In Pelifet sighed. The next day was market: flat bottom with a bag of peas harvested totjust, emparaulà a boeret and with the money bought a scarf of beans pita for women. But even with this that you could cure the longing. When he saw the tears again, said that s’aconhortés, he will hire another maid yourself, and if more were needed, while you were happy, but she replied with a longer and had enough dough to make her way.

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