The Parenting of a Special Needs Child

A look at the stresses of having a special needs child and how they can be alleviated.

Regardless of what special groups the parents of the special needs child attends it only works while they are there, reality is they have to return to the same day to day problems and I’m sure it is more than some of the parents can bear. It is hard to take one day at a time when you are overwhelmed about the future of your child. Something that may help those days can be as simple as a pen and paper. Start a journal; it’s surprising what an effective tool this can become in your daily life.

A lot of people with a special needs child hold their feelings in check at all times but doing this is no good for the child and more damaging for the parent. Writing down your feelings in a journal can help put your life in perspective as well as releasing some of the pent up stress you carry around. Stress can lead to many other physical problems and you need to find some release from it.
Anyone that has a special needs child understands the day to day pressures you have to deal with. You have a feeling of isolation from the world no matter how many friends you see or how much you talk on the phone but by sharing your thoughts in a journal you can measure the relief it brings and gives you courage to face another day.

Writing in a journal doesn’t have to be an everyday thing but on those days when you feel you can’t go on reach for it. There is a lot of solace in there. You can think back over the day and consider what was really hard about parenting today. Ask yourself what you have learned from your experiences and write them down, what part of the day made you happy or sad, what contributions you have given your child that particular day. Write about the general things in your life that gave you satisfaction during the day such as other children you may have or something different your special needs child did that made you smile.

When you start to write you may surprise yourself at what flows from your thoughts. Include something you enjoyed on one particular day that was done just for you. I know this is a rare occurrence when you have a special needs child but it can be done with careful planning. Write down your hopes and dreams not only for your child but for yourself. A special needs child is so consuming that it is hard to find time for yourself but you have to do it in order to keep yourself healthy for you and the child. Any less and you are short changing yourself. For more help and information go to

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  3. I agree. A journal is one method of articulating what is going on and what you may be able to do about it.

    Here is a blog I wrote that may help as well.

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