Waiting for The Moment

Ever thought about your life. What it is all about. Born, live and Death. Is there any sense to cry and feel sad?

The first sign that we are born and alive is in the moment that we begun to Cry. When we cry, we take our first breath and show to others that we are alive, we are here on earth waiting for the moment to cry for the last time. We will continue to cry through out our whole life. Than others will cry because of our death and sometimes even a few seconds before one dies, he may cry or a tear would came out from his eyes. 

We are born to suffer, yet we try to help others to suffer less. We cannot change that, because we have to change every single human being on earth to stop the majority of suffering. Human induced suffering – war, homicides, hatred, jealousy, poverty, selfishness and so on. All these links to the moment that we begin to cry.

So this is the sense of our life, that is to cry? When we cry, it is like to relief from pain, but in reality pain remain there in the deepest part of our soul. Yes, of course, there are those happy moments in life, but yet, they are very brief moments. Sadness dominate us, even when we try to comfort us and others, still there is that feeling of sadness. 

We have to cry, so we know that we are still alive. If we stop crying, it will mean that our life has ended. This is the reality and no one can change it. It is so unfair, but reality is unfair. For now, I know that I am still alive. I am not waiting for the moment to come. It is worth it to cry, because there is still hope. When we stop crying, we will stop hoping. Than it is good to cry and there is sense in crying. This means that we are still living and hoping for a better life.

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