What Makes a Person Jealous?

"Simple reasons why people become jealous"

    Jealousy is a natural human emotion. Many get jealous the slightest and heaviest things, especiallly nowadays. Seeing your friend enter a relationship with the one you were interested in, indinviduals that have more money than you, and many other reasons. Jealousy can make you or another feel that you wish you had what the other had and also make you either angry, or sad. We all feel this in our lives but it doeesn’t mean that we will never have that which is important to us. Sometimes we have to be patient about things. Sometimes what we want can only be achieved once it’s the right time. No use crying over spilled milk right? That’s a saying that we hear all the time but it also has a greater meaning as well. The jealousy that many face causes them to make irrational decisions where they try to savatage the next person because they are angry that they have more or a specific thing they wish they had. This is when things get out of hand, but of course it all goes back to maturity. You act, then you learn, and then you better yourself. Well, some do at least.

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