Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin

Babies have very sensitive skin and may suffer from allergic reactions to diapers, food and other irritants.

Practically all babies get diaper rash at one time or another. The occurrence of a rash may lead new parents to buy a variety of lotions, ointments and powders to remedy the problem. Parents often tend to change diapers more frequently at the onset of rash. The rash is not necessarily caused by too much time in a soggy diaper. Babies have extremely tender and sensitive skin, some more so than others, and skin rashes can be quite common.

Rash can be caused by a variety of different factors. Infants are sometimes allergic to the material in the brand of disposable diapers being used. Switching to a different brand can make a big difference and help to clear up the rash promptly. The brand of detergent used to wash clothing; blankets and towels may also cause an allergic reaction in sensitive skin that can result in rash. It is best to use a mild laundry detergent made specifically for the delicate washables of infants.

When bathing infants products made specifically for a baby’s tender skin should be used. If a rash develops in other areas besides the diaper area this may be an indication that the rash could be an allergic reaction to a substance such as detergent, soap or even food.

It can be easy to overdress infants and toddlers especially in cold weather seasons and climates. This overheating can result in a rash similar to that of heat rash, which often occurs from excessive perspiration during hot weather.

Do try to keep your baby as dry as possible and if a rash does appear use a diaper rash ointment that acts as a barrier between the baby’s delicate skin and wetness. If the rash tends to worsen and there are signs of open sores or blisters that leak fluid, a visit to the pediatrician is in order. Infection can occur in prolonged or severe cases of diaper rash.

Any rash that appears to spread to different areas of the body should be brought to the attention of the physician. Childhood communicable diseases such as measles can and sometimes do appear in infants, toddlers and very young children. It is always best to check with the pediatrician to be safe.

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  2. this is very helpful iam dound PORJECT OF THE SKIN AND THIS HELPED ME OUT ALOT

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