10 Foods That Treat and Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes or high blood sugar can be prevented or treated with these foods.

Diet plays an important role in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. And for anyone who has high blood sugar/diabetes or for anyone who wants to prevent diabetes, this idea is no different. Complex carbohydrates, foods high in fiber, foods that contain magnesium and foods that contain chromium can significantly lower your diabetes or prevent you from developing diabetes in the first place. Fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, shellfish and cereal that contain magnesium, chromium and complex carbohydrates are what to eat to treat and prevent diabetes and high blood sugar. With exercise, medication and diet you can fight diabetes. Here are ten foods high in nutrients that treat and prevent diabetes.

  1. Halibut

  2. Eating 91 milligrams or three ounces of baked halibut will give you 23 per cent of       the daily recommended value of magnesium. Research shows that 25 per cent of diabetics are low in magnesium.

  3. Grapefruit

  4. Grapefruit is an essential source of the trace mineral, chromium, which has been shown in studies to lower blood sugar levels by as much as 50 per cent. You can eat grapefruit at breakfast and throughout the day to prevent or treat diabetes.

  5. Beans

  6. Beans can reduce your blood sugar levels if you eat about half and three quarter cup of beans a day. Beans fight diabetes and high sugar levels because they contain complex carbohydrates that the body digests slower than sugars and bad carbs. When digestion occurs slower, glucose enters the blood slowly and this keeps your blood sugar levels steady.

  7. Buckwheat

  8. Buckwheat helps the body to fight diabetes and keep blood sugar levels steady. Buckwheat contains amylase and amylopectin that slowly releases sugar into the blood stream, keeping diabetes and a sudden spike in blood sugar levels at bay.

  9. Avocado

  10. Avocados are excellent sources of fiber that is a potent nutrient against diabetes. You can treat and prevent diabetes by eating more avocados. Be careful, though, avocados have a high caloric content, so don’t eat avocados everyday.

  11. Okra

  12. Okra is another excellent source of fiber that has been known to treat and prevent diabetes. Not only that, but okra is also an excellent source of magnesium that fight diabetes. Keep your blood sugar levels low by eating more okra, adding it as a side vegetable on your plate.

  13. Artichoke

  14. One medium artichoke contains a total of 6.5 grams of fiber. Artichokes, therefore, are potent weapons against diabetes and are foods that you can eat to treat and prevent diabetes.

  15. Brussels Sprouts

  16. Eating half cup of Brussels sprouts can help you treat and prevent diabetes. There are 4.5 grams of fiber in Brussels sprouts, so try to add it to your diet to fight diabetes and lower your blood sugar levels.

  17. Oats

  18. Oats are more than just another breakfast item. That’s because oats are nutritious grains that can help you treat and prevent diabetes. Oats contain a significant amount of fiber, which can eat to lower your blood sugar levels.

  19. Quinoa

Quinoa is an unknown grain/cereal that you should get to know. Quinoa is rich in fiber and magnesium that have shown in many studies to lower blood sugar levels and treat diabetes.

With proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle change you can seriously begin to treat or prevent diabetes. Eating foods high in fiber, magnesium and chromium can help you to lower your blood sugar levels and keep diabetes at bay or prevent you from developing diabetes all together.

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  1. Changing your food habits is a key first step to taking control of your health. The foods mentioned are great choices. Instead of white rice, choose Quinoa as an example. Eating whole grains or greens should be the primary foundation to new eating habits.

    Thanks for this post.

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