10 Shockingly Terrible Eating-Related Diseases

Going through these eating related diseases are painful moments. It’s scary when they cause a sudden change in eating ritual and pattern, a rapid drop in weight or a shrink in body shape. At the chronic stage, the signs of these eating disorders and their related symptoms are surely an important medical issue.

Eating disorders are medically viewed as a profound disruption in eating habits which typically occur among young females. These disorders are characterized by behavioural issues that are brought by a complex factor, which may include personality disorder, family and society pressures, biological or genetic susceptibility, emotional and psychological disturbances, becoming obsessed with thinness, or overabundance of foods. Bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa and binge eating are three common identified eating disorders. Since the eating disorders are very unhealthy and can lead to a wide variety of serious health complications, medical assistance is always prompted.

Very often, it’s very hard to identify eating disorders, as the sufferers behave in a very secretive manner, attempting to hide away these disorders from their concerned family members, or friends. Nevertheless, some signs will alert you that someone is experiencing an eating disorder.

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Many signs of eating disorder always centre on food, body shape and weight. It’s bad if someone has a sudden weight loss that is not due to any medical causes. In many instances, eating disorders are accompanied with a condition of dramatically restriction on caloric intake, self-indulging vomiting, eating large amounts of food at once or at a time, self-isolation from any social activities that involved food, dissatisfaction on body image, weight, physical appearance or life, hair getting lank and stringy, obsessive behaviour on dieting, feeling a sense of general malaise, lack of energy, frequent purging behaviour, or wearing loose, baggy clothing to cover up weight loss.

In each instance of a case of the eating disorder, it’ll require immediate treatment for recovery. So, if you know or suspect anyone who has an eating disorder, please take an appropriate step by seeking them an immediate medical assistance to ensure that he or she is safe and healthy.

Anorexia Nervosa

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Anorexia (literally means “absence of appetite”) nervosa is an eating disorder driven by a desire to be thin and it affects mainly female aged between 15 and 34 years. This disorder occurs primarily in young adults and adolescents but sometimes it may also affect older women. According to the current data, 1 to 2% of the schoolgirls and university students are at higher risk of having Anorexia nervosa. Meanwhile, the latest studies estimate that 1 out of 100 female teens may have suffered from this disorder. It is particularly more prevalent in females even though its occurrence among the males is rising. Girls with this terrible disorder always experience a delayed onset of their menstrual period (they may also miss at least three consecutive menstrual periods) or may have to experience the consequences arising from the hormonal disturbances. If things become worse, it may even cause death.

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  1. ewww..i don’t like beeing anorexic—or anorexia nervosa…or either bulimia—it feels like an illness inside…! Better be balance–healthy life style…

    Again, ur article is expressing the reality out there…

  2. A very informative article, but you may want to read through it again to weed out a few mistakes such as:

    ‘Suicide is also identified as a factor that causes chronic Anorexia nervosa.’
    While death does inevitably lead to extreme weight loss, I doubt very many corpes are suffering from eating disorders, so I don’t think this is what you meant to say.

    Otherwise, very good article with some very useful pictures.

  3. I never knew there were so many forms of eating disorder. A very interesting and informative article. Good work, Chan.


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    Surprised there isn’t one about Oreo cookies!

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    These are indeed shocking. Some I didnt even know about. Very well done.

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    i have to be more careful…
    thanks for this very informative article….
    also plz read and comment on my poems…

  21. Quite an interesting article. Well researched and well written. Thank you for sharing this timely piece.

  22. This is a horrible disease that effects many girls today. These skinny models are such bad role models for our girls. But on the other hand we have more overweight people than ever before in history.If everyone would eat properly we would be a healthier and happier people.

  23. An interesting insight into some terrible eating habits. Thanks Chan.


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