10 Soothing Songs That Can Put Fussy Babies to Sleep

When babies get fussy they’re in no mood to sleep. In such times soothing songs help a great deal.

If you’re the mother of a little baby you will realize its sleep you crave for most. Mothers sleep when their babies sleep and keep awake when their baby is awake. Babies sleep for a while, wake up, sleep again and wake up again, have their feed and sleep again. Needless to say, babies are masters of the sleep cycle. Mothers do not get sufficient sleep because of a baby’s sleep cycle. And, when babies get fussy or cranky, getting them to sleep is a challenge. You may try every method in the book, but the best way to put a baby to sleep is by playing a soothing song at a low volume in the baby’s room. The type of songs you play is important. Avoid songs that have heavy drum and bass. Soft songs and acoustic songs for babies are perfect.  

A lullaby could be any tune with a melodic chorus or verse or an instrumental part that has a relaxing and profound effect that sends the listener in sleep mode. On several occasions Mothers fall asleep before the baby does when children’s songs are playing in the background. To ensure this doesn’t happen softly hum the tune of the lullaby that is being played in the background. It doesn’t matter if you are a bad singer; just sing softly, a baby loves it when mother or Father sing. Do not gather the entire family and sing in chorus.  Keep in mind too many voices keep a baby awake.

Here’s a list of songs Mothers and Fathers should have in their put-baby to-sleep collection. You can play these anytime and let the songs work their magic.

Soothing songs that can put babies to sleep

1 All I Have To Do Is Dream- Everly Brothers

2. I Love How You Love Me- Bobby Vinton

3. Top of the World- The Carpenters

4. We Belong Together- Los Lobos

5. Fields of Gold- Sting

6. Dreamland- Mary Chapin Carpenter

7. Are You Lonesome Tonight- Elvis Presley

8. Pledging My Love (Forever My Darling)Aaron Neville

9. Walk Through This World with Me- George Jones

10. Dolphin’s Lullaby-Firefall

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  1. Music is soothing and healing for babies and adults…

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  8. These can help with sleepless adults as well.

  9. I always sang lullaby’s to put mine to sleep. Babies love a soothing voice.

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