12 Edible Gifts That Should Not Give

12 edible gifts that should not give.

We all sometimes give edible gifts that are not very encouraging. And often it is not even that it is presented with, and in combination gift and its recipient. For example, to give a cake, ice-cream man with lactose intolerance – is clearly not the best idea. He not only not be able to eat, but may well take offense at what you do not remember such an important part.

Or take another example: once I got a bar of dark chocolate, though all my friends know perfectly well that I only eat milk chocolate. The irony was that the gift was from my mother.

So, based on personal experience and memories about gifts on New Year’s holidays in the past years, I have compiled a list of 13 edible gifts that should not be present:

1. Do not give sweets with sweeteners for people with irritable bowel syndrome or other digestive problems. Used in sweets such sweetener is only partially digested and absorbed. The rest of the ferment in the digestive tract and attract water. As a result, people with irritable bowel syndrome from a few sweets can get quite unpleasant disorder, which will spoil the holiday.

2. If you are giving a tea – pay attention to the fact that he could not offend the recipient for its “special qualities”. We sell many kinds of tea and some of them are positioned as “slimming tea”, “tea for cleansing. Having a tea, a person is likely to perceive it as a hint or a cruel joke.

3. Do not give alcohol to those who can not or should not eat it. Even if sometime before people drink alcoholic beverages, now he can try to avoid alcohol for a thousand different reasons.

4. No one is giving a stale popcorn in the banks. If it is not fresh – it is not worth it contains calories.

5. Do not give chocolate lovers of milk and milk chocolate lovers of black. The same applies to chocolate with various fillings – should not give chocolate cream-filled chocolate lovers with nuts.

6. Do not give alcohol or anything containing caffeine followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, better known as the Mormons. These products are not compatible with their beliefs.

7. If you’re not good enough receiver – please refrain from donation of meat products. If the recipient is a vegetarian, you risk seriously spoil relations.

8. Do not give products, which include chocolate, peppermint, garlic, onions, coffee, tea with caffeine, citrus fruits, tomatoes and chili peppers for those who suffer violations of stomach acid.

9. Do not give food containing pork to someone who uses only kosher foods or diets as prescribed by Islam.

10. Do not give brittle, caramel or lollipops to people who wear braces.

11. Never giving a gift card in a fast-food friends, who are trying to lose weight.

12. Do not give candy in the form of insects to people who are afraid of them. Seriously, my friend’s mother gave chocolate spiders and believe me, it was not very happy.

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