12 Ways to Cure Diarrhea

Do you suffer from diarrhea? Here are 12 ways to cure diarrhea.

Diarrhea can be annoying and painful.  It can also happen at the most inconvenient time.  It can ruin your day because you have to spend so much time on the toilet.  Just when you think your diarrhea is over, you get another bowel movement.  Diarrhea is something that gets on my nerves so I wanted to find ways to cure it.  I also wanted to find ways to cure diarrhea that didn’t involve over-the-counter medicine.  During my research, I found 12 ways to cure diarrhea.  Luckily none of the cures involve taking over-the-counter medicine.  In fact, you may have most of these cures in your house and you never even knew it.  Before you take over-the-counter medicine, you could try one of these 12 ways to cure diarrhea.

Before I get to the 12 ways to cure diarrhea, I want to let you know that you shouldn’t do anything to top your bowel movement for the first 12 hours.  This is your body’s way of cleansing itself of bacteria, viruses or toxins.  Once the 12 hours are up, feel free to use any of these 12 cures.

Causes of diarrhea
Diarrhea is a common condition that is often caused by overeating, bacterial, viral or parasitic infection, medications, mild food poisoning, emotional anxiety, fluoride, extreme fatigue.  It can make you feel dehydrated, tired, and depressed.  You become dehydrated because you are losing fluids during your bowel movements.

Chicken Noodle Soup
The salt and vitamins in a bowl of chicken noodle soup help rehydrate and reenergize the body.  I would prefer to make my own chicken noodle soup because most soups have MSG or a lot of salt.  If I make my own, I can find a broth that doesn’t have MSG or a lot of salt.

Coca Cola
Drink a cup of Coca Cola.  This minimizes your chances of getting diarrhea.  This is a good reason to stock up on Coca Cola.

To prevent diarrhea while taking antibiotics, eat yogurt with active cultures.  It helps for proper digestion.  I eat yogurt a lot so this tip would work for me.

Sugar, Salt, and Lemon Juice
Drinking plenty of fluids during diarrhea is vital to avoid getting dehydrated.  Mix three teaspoons of sugar, one teaspoon of salt, and two teaspoons of lemon juice in a tall glass of water. Drink the entire solution to replace the nutrients that are flushed out of your body.  I am not sure how this solution would taste since I never had it before, but I am willing to give it a try.

Drinking Gatorade replenishes the electrolytes and glucose being drained from your body during a bowel movement.  I drink Gatorade a lot so I always have it at home.

When you’re ready to eat again, start with clear, soft foods like Jell-O to give your bowels a rest until you feel better.  I eat the Jell-O with sugar because sugar-free Jell-O has MSG.

Saltine Crackers
When you are able to eat again, eat saltine crackers.  Crackers absorb the excess fluid in your stomach and the sodium bicarbonate in them helps relieve indigestion.  I like eating crackers so I don’t have a problem with this tip.

Drink plenty of tea.  The tannins in tea help stop the muscular contractions in the intestines.  Tea replaces fluids lost by the body.  I drink tea all of the time so this will be easy for me.

When you have energy to eat, you could eat applesauce because it’s easy to digest.  It’s not too heavy, and you’ll be eating something.

Eating honey helps relieve diarrhea. I use honey in my tea sometimes so I will definitely use it the next time I have it.

Eating plain rice helps cure diarrhea.  I like to eat rice so I don’t mind this tip.

Once the diarrhea is over, eat unbuttered toast to help you get on your feet again.

These are all the 12 ways to cure diarrhea.  I want to point out that I don’t know for a fact that these cures will work.  I wanted to share these tips with you in case you or someone you know suffers from diarrhea.  Do you have any ways to cure diarrhea that you would like to share?  I would love to read them.

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  1. Very informative. No water?

  2. very useful tips. I also heard of drinking/eating the can pineapple slices with the syrup.

  3. Great tips. I just can not eat applesauce as it gives me diarrhea. But I do eat a lot of yogurt like you!

  4. I once had a horrific 9 hour coach ride with diarrhea. Fortunately I had brought along some Chinese diarrhea medicine. By the time I reached the last stop, my diarrhea was gone. But still it was 9hrs of pure hell. lol.

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  11. Excellent information, it sure does occur at the wrong times and can be very uncomfortable.
    Awesome article

  12. saltines and tea works best for me. good tips.

  13. I take a medicine in fluid form and it often can stop the diarrhea within 5 bowel movements. Glad to know these 12 cures. I will try some of them next time. Thanks!

  14. Tea works for me along with rice and bananas or carrots. You are right not to stop it the first 12 hours as it is our body’s way to get rid of undesirables. :-)

  15. Apples, bananas and gatorade do work.

  16. Useful tips here. An excuse to stock up on Cola. lol.

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  21. Second visit. My friends are experiencing this disease, so I’m back to read this precious info once again.

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  23. I get constant diarrhea from a condition I have, and I am willing to try any diarrhea remedies in SLC, UT I can find. Thanks for adding these great remedies to my list.

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