6 Tips on How to Not Get Sick (After Being Around a Person Sick with a Cold or Flu)

An article giving tips on ways to lessen the chance of getting ill after being around a person sick with the flu or cold.

6 Health Tips

We’ve all had to take care of someone who was sick with the flu or cold, and most of the time, it was horrible! Then right after they get better, we get the same illness! How is that fair!? We would put up with their crankiness and vomit, and we would get sick! Are you tired of that? Well, here are some simple tips and ways to lessen the chances of you catching the same illness. You can use these tips right after being around a sick person to help completely prevent catching the illness or lessen the symptoms, but be sure to use them early as possible (when you’re still healthy), because once you get sick, there is no stopping it. The only thing you can do after being sick is to wait it out and get better, but keep in mind that these tips can also be used to speed up recovery time. 

(Tip 1 – 4 can be used before getting sick to help lessen the symptoms’ or during your actual time of being sick to help get over the illness quicker.)

Tip 1) Wash your hands and avoid touching your face or mouth

When you wash your hands, it kills the germs that cause the sicknesses. No germs on your hands mean less chance of getting sick. Also, try not to touch your face of mouth because that is how the germs jump from your hands into your system.

Tip 2) Drink lots of water

Your body is made up mostly of water. When you add more water to your system (not sugar drinks like soda), it basically replenishes your body and helps to keep your system healthy. Also, when you are sick, you tend to lose lots of water, so replacing that lost water is one of the best things you can do. 

Tip 3) Take in lots of vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to boast and reinforce your immune system. The more vitamin C your body takes in, the stronger your immune system can become to help fight off viruses. A good source of vitamin C comes from oranges. Also, many stores sell vitamin C supplement pills, but before careful or artificial vitamin supplements, as they can lead to even more problems when taken in excess. Please consult a doctor before taking them.

Tip 4) Sleep a lot

Your body repairs itself when you sleep. Tips 2 and 3 are important, but tip 4 helps to increase their effectiveness.  If you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system gets weak and you become more susceptible to the cold and flu. So sleep as much as you can, before,after and during you get sick!

(Tip 5-6 should only be used before getting sick to help prevent it from happening or towards the end of your recovery phases, as if you use these during the peak of your sickness, it can cause you to become even more tired and weak.)

Tip 5) Use a sauna or steam room

Sweat is good for you. When you sweat, it helps to clean your skin of any harmful toxins. There have been scientific findings that show that when you use a sauna or steam room, it can reduce your chances of getting sick by up to 30 percent. However, be sure to use a clean, daily maintained sauna or steam room, such as ones in your local 24 hour fitness or LA fitness or somewhere up to regulation. If it is not sanitary, you can contract other diseases such as Staph or a parasite!

Tip 6) Drink Coffee (or other hot liquids)

Normally, it takes three days for the virus to reach your system and for the symptoms’ of the flu to show up. If you drink coffee or other hot liquids, it washes the virus down into your stomach where the acids prevent the virus can’t grow and make you sick.

If you use these tips before the symptoms show up, it is possible that you won’t get sick at all or at the very least, you are going to lessen it! So no more annoying flu’s or cold after you do a good deed and nurture someone back to health! However, if symptoms persist or if it is any other type of serious illness, please contact a doctor as soon as possible. Also, be sure to only use what is right for you and to use the tips in moderation as abuse can cause even more harm.

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