A Guide to Sleeping Better

Insomnia is becoming more and more common with today’s more hectic lifestyles and pressures at work. Here we discuss what you can do to get better sleep.

Sleep-related troubles have become universal, owing to the highly hectic

lifestyles. Many remedies are present for solving short-term sleeping issues but

those who have been struggling with insomnia-like symptoms need to delve deeper and

find solutions that don’t involve the use of drugs or demanding alternative

Lifestyle choices. In this regard, some simple tips can make it easier to feel

relaxed when you are unable to sleep.

Firstly, try not to force yourself to sleep. Yes, most experts say that sleeping

during the same period helps in regulating the sleep patterns but this doesn’t

mean that you lie in bed, waiting aimlessly for yourself to fall asleep.

If you cannot fall asleep within a few minutes after lying in bed and feel a bit

irritated or find yourself counting the minutes, it is better to get-up and engage

yourself in activities like reading a book or watching TV or maybe preparing clothes

for the next day or any other home chore.

Secondly, try not to keep a watch near your bed. In fact, you should ensure that

your bedroom doesn’t have too many clocks or watches. This might sound strange but

the fact is that most folks struggling with their sleep tend to

“watch-the-clock”. This invariably means feeling more anxious every time you

have difficulty in falling asleep.

Thirdly, avoid heating high-sugar or caffeine-containing food items around your

bedtime. Understandably, these substances act as stimulants which are the exact

opposite of what you are trying to achieve, i.e. a semi-unconscious state or


In fact, you should try to limit the intake of such items throughout the day to

ensure that you don’t have a sugar or caffeine build-up towards the end of the


Lastly, try to think of something pleasing or at least reassuring around your

bedtime. Most people suffering from sleeping disturbances are actually suffering

from heightened levels of anxiety that tend to become more forceful when you are

thinking about things that could go wrong.

However, happy thoughts tend to the calm the mind and combined with the above-listed

tips, can help in easing you into a night of blissful sleep.

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  1. good tips. I think that having a regular time in going to bed and putting off the light will also enduce sleep.

  2. Nice tips, I am an insomniac before but I’ve recovered from it.

  3. Very helpful tips.

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