A Happy Heart

Views on a happy heart. The way this happy heart can live with. The way this heart looks at life. Find happiness.

 Difficult circumstances can’t get rid of this heart. It is a calm and strong heart. Since hearts differ, there are some matters which may upset them. This happy heart doesn’t look for what even may disappoint it. There are a lot of descriptions of life according to this happy heart. Being patient is one of this heart’s definitions of life.

 Starting a day with pure intents is one of this happy heart’s important principles. This heart has got a lot of wisdom. Achieving happiness is one of its goals. It always shines in each morning. Nothing can break it.

 This heart can deal with different kinds of situations, but it never ever cares for trifles. Of course, it is just a soft heart which can’t bear all bad situation. Just being calm can lead it to the smart way to live. Then, it can look at life brightly. As a result, it can make its decisions. This happy heart can control its horrible thoughts which may lead it to the bad decisions. Hence, life in its sight will have a value. It is really a shining heart which don’t allow any spot of darkness to destroy its luminous vision.

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  1. nice post:)

  2. Sounds ideal.

  3. Very well done, Happy V. Day.

  4. The heart has its own story to tell which the mind does not know.

  5. The heart has reasons which the mind is unaware of.

  6. Very nice article! :)

  7. we must always have a happy heart

  8. like it

  9. The heart is delicate and needs lots of attention.

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