A Very Shocking Sexual Act Where Women Derive Excitement From Snakes

Ophidicism: The sexual practice where by a woman derives sexual excitement by inserting a snake or an eel into her vagina.

 Shocking Sexual Act

This shocking and very bizarre sexual practice is called ophidicism.

Ophidicism is defined as the sexual act in which a woman gets sexual excitement by inserting the tail of a either a snake or an eel into her vagina, and receives pleasure as the snake or eel wriggles within the vagina in order to get itself free from the captivity of the vagina.

This sexual practice is really becoming quite common these days.

Ophidicism has been described by experts to be a very very dangerous sexual practice because of the fact that most of these reptiles being inserted into the vagina carry salmonella. Salmonella is a dangerous infection which can lead to death.

In the act of ophidicism, some people are also known to insert the head of the snake or eel into their vaginas instead of the tail. According to them, this gives them greater sexual excitement. Others also cover their naked bodies with snakes and eels to achieve sexual excitement.

History has it that the practice of ophidicism began as far back as in Ancient Greece.

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