Abraham Hicks Scam Grows with Jerry Hicks Cancer

Accusations of Abraham Hicks being a scam become louder and more numerous. Their conduct after Jerry Hicks fell ill was cancer, leukemia to be more specific, has been a classic scam spin operation. Badly handled, but classic. Here’s a history.

How Jerry Hicks Cancer Plays In The Abraham Hicks Scam

Jerry Hicks’ cancer abruptly disrupted the well-oiled Abraham Hicks scam early in May. A heavily promoted Abraham Hicks workshop was canceled on short notice along with its online Abraham Live presentation. Let’s catch up on what I wrote in How Jerry Hicks Cancer Emerged As An All New Abraham Hicks Scam.

It’s impossible to say what was weirdest about Jerry Hicks’ cancer, that he’d admitted to undergoing “heavy chemotherapy” or the bizarre twists he and Esther Hicks went through to avoid saying what seems a forbidden word for them: “cancer.”

You can follow the time line at How Jerry Hicks Cancer Emerged As An All New Abraham Hicks Scam, but concisely put, Jerry and Esther Hicks initially tried to pass off his workshop canceling illness as “a spider bite.” Strangely, on the day they sent this news out in an email blast, Jerry Hicks began his first chemotherapy regimen. 

In other words, Jerry and Esther Hicks knew they were lying, but why?

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By the end of the month, they scrambled to rationalize it. In another email blast to followers, Jerry (it was alleged) began with a rambling story about how he might’ve gotten bit by a spider and the treatment he pursued. Then, it closes with this bombshell:

“We continued our seminar tour and returned to San Antonio getting ready for our spring East Coast run when we heard back from the biopsy results that there was something amiss relative to my white blood cell count and she put us in touch with a dermatologist in San Antonio who was an old school friend of hers. The subsequent blood test in San Antonio showed that my white blood cell count was extremely exaggerated and the physician insisted that I undergo immediate treatment with no delay. He pointed out a number of options, one of them was to use the “big guns” (heavy chemotherapy) and so we decided to go along with that and checked into the hospital on May 6th.”

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