Achieving Health Through Chiropractics

The Chiropractor is there for more than just back pain.

  What’s the first thing you think of when hearing the word “Chiropractor”? Is it relief from pain? Or for some the word may be associate with pain instead. I’m here to tell you that the world of chiropractics is worth so much more than simple pain relief!

   Our spine plays probably THE most important role in our body. It is there to not just give us flexibility to bend, twist, turn and more, but it protects the one thing that brings blood and nerve impulses to our entire body – the spinal cord.

   Think of someone who is in an accident in which thier spinal cord was severed or damaged severely. Not only will that person be, most likely, paralyzed, but as you watch over time, you would see many of thier organs begin to have problems and begin to shut down. Without our spinal cord, our body simply can not function the way it should.

   This is why chiropractic care is so important. Even if you are not experiencing pain, your organs and body may be suffering. I speak to this out of experience. When I first heard Dr. Leach, who would later become my chiropractor, speak at my job, I was intrigued. He told us all about just what I am telling you and it made sense. I made an appointment that day and soon my husband and children would join me too.

   Not only do I have decreased pain from spinal stenosis and joint pain, but I have also experienced some other changes that I never would have thought to see just by going to the chiropractor.

   When I first began going to see Dr. Leach, my cholesterol was through the roof! My total cholesterol was 251, with my triglycerides at 325. I had been on cholesterol medicine for 6 months and these numbers had not improved at all. After 4 months of seeing my chiropractor two times a week, I had my blood tests done again. Keep in mind, I was still taking the same cholesterol medicine as before, same dosage, and I had been horrible about trying to control my diet. My total cholesterol came down to 195 and my triglycerides dropped to 125!! Numbers I hadn’t even dreamed I could see again!

   Then, about a month ago, I began to experience a strange loss of taste. I have no cold, no sinus or respirtory infection, no heartburn since Dr. Leach took that away, no tooth infections, I could find absolutely no reason for the bizzare incident. If I tasted anything at all, it was gross. Everything tasted like a dirty gym sock if I could taste it at all! I presented my chiropractor with the challenge and he gladly accepted – especially after my General Doc brushed me aside and didn’t seem to be interested in my new development. After about 3 adjustments, the gym sock taste vanished. After a few more adjustments, I still don’t taste everything the same as before, but I do taste more and am very happy with the success we have had.

   I am believing God for complete healing of my thyroid now, through Dr. Leach’s care. I know that the same One who created our bodies, heals our bodies. And I am glad he has Dr. Leach to work through! If you are interested in experiencing such healings, do some research in your area. Or visit Coastal Family Chiropractic For more information!



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