Adult Onset Anencephaly

We all know at least one; born without a brain and therefore incompatible with life. These are the people whose main crime is that of stealing oxygen.

There are some people in this world who are guilty of the crime of stealing oxygen which would be much more useful going to someone who needs it far more. These are the people who you sometimes seriously wonder how they manage to walk and breath at the same time when they can’t manage something as simple as boiling a kettle without help. For that matter you wonder why they need to breath considering that a large percentage of the bloodflow goes to the brain and they don’t seem to own one. For these people there is only one possible diagnosis. Adult onset anencephaly. Usually a birth defect but curiously some adults seem to suffer from it badly.

Nobody knows what causes adult onset anencephaly although one suggested cause is that something somehow leads to ‘a vacuum between the oral and brain cavities caus[ing] the cerebrum to be swallowed and digested. Despite the small amount of knowledge about this dangerously common condition it is quite clear that there is very little those having to live with the sufferer can do about it. It is an unfortunate consequence of living in the modernised Western world that it is frowned upon to put out of their misery those who suffer from the syndome which has ensured that their brain matter is replaced with some form of primordial gloop from the echoes of time.

The most distressing thing about this condition is of course the fact that those who suffer from it also suffer from the delusion of thinking that they have a fully functional and working brain. They therefore insist on causing as much angst and suffering to those around them and leave everyone else to pick up the pieces of whatever they have ruined when they wander off to play with some new toy. It doesn’t even seem to matter what walk of life you are from; adult onset anencephaly seems to affect people indiscriminately. You will see people of all walks of life walking aimlessly around without the cerebral functions that everyone else takes for granted, forever misguidedly believing that they are a contributing member of society or even the glue that keeps a group together, whilst everyone else scrabbles to pick up the pieces of the chaos.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that all of us will meet or already know someone who suffers from the dysfunction of not having a brain. Whether this is a disease that they have suffered from all their lives or whether some freak weather storm blew all the circuits out will never be known. What is certain is that the only option those of us around them have is to grit our teeths, pick up the pieces and wait for them to go and disrupt someone else. If it is obvious to you that you are dealing with someone who shouldn’t be allowed out of the house without a minder and a leash then it is probably just as obvious to everyone else around that they shouldn’t be allowed to run with scissors.

Dealing with someone suffering from adult onset anencephaly is never easy. But however angry the knowledge that you have someone stealing the oxygen that rightfully belongs to someone else there is very little you can do about it. The only thing to do is sit back and wait for them to stop breathing of their own accord because face it, the legal fees would be astronomical if you take it into your own hands.

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