Allergy Season: Are You a Victim?

The season of puffy eyes and stuffed nostrils is upon us.

Roses and trees and bushes, oh my!

Anyone who has a deep fear of these three items (or more) is probably a victim of allergy season. The pollen from flowers, dust from cleaning, and fibers from trees and fresh cut grass leave sensitive noses, ears, and eyes with a variety of symptoms. We see more and more people with watery eyeballs, red and blotchy skin, runny noses, inflamed cheeks, and/or sore throats. Believe it or not, allergies can be worse than actually being sick.

People can become allergy victims at any age. When I was a kid, I was allergic to practically everything. Nut extracts, bees, grass, pollen, wheat…you name it. As I grew older, my tolerance seemed to build and today I am really only affected by dust kicked up from cleaning or moving.

A friend of mine, however, is the opposite. She had no problem until she hit her late 20’s, and all of the sudden she is allergic to, well, almost everything. She came into work the other day looking like she had been crying for days. She said her doctor told her she had developed allergies. Now, everything from water the plants to walking the hallways at school causes her to sneeze or have watery, itchy eyes.

Some good remedies for allergies can be bought over-the-counter, such as Claritin and Allegra. Benedryl is also a widely known anti-allergy product that helps with the symptoms.

Alternative remedies include putting on a nurses mask when going outside. Since most of the allergy triggers are inhaled, putting on an oxygen-type mask could prevent the materials from even entering into ones system.

Another method would be to prepare for allergies by building up the immune system. Drinking water not only flushes out toxins, but also cools the body down. When skin inflames, simply putting on a cool mask or a few ice cubes can make the skin smooth out.

Also, for women (and maybe some men) avoiding the use of eye-make-up during the allergy season is probably a good idea. Rubbing and itching eyes can cause even more irritation when mascara or eyeliner enters the lids. Additionally, blushes and even shadows are just extra flakes that can also serve as irritants when the natural skin is affected by an outside factor.

Victims of allergies should use extreme caution and take their symptoms seriously. As stated earlier, sometimes allergic reactions can prove dangerous and even life threatening. What starts out as an innocent clogging can turn deadly if not remedied. Use caution when choosing summer vacation destinations and be wise when heading outside.

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