Amazing Benefits Women Derive From Sperm

Read all about the amazing benefits women derive from the male semen.

                                     Amazing Benefits Women Derive From Sperm

We all know that the major benefit of sperm is its major role in the reproduction process. But aside that there are other major benefits women in particular derive from the male semen.

Various scientific researches have been conducted over the benefits women derive from sperm and the findings have indicated that it is quite true there are a lot of benefits to be obtained from the human semen.

These benefits include the following:

Antidepressant in Women: Believe it or not but scientific findings indicate that semen serves as a huge antidepressant in women. Now, how does this happen? A study showed that women who are physically exposed to semen from a male are very unlikely to suffer from bouts of depression. Scientists believe that the reason women who are exposed to semen hardly get depressed is all a psychological thing as semen contains a lot of complex chemical ingredients and hormones, some of which are mood altering ones.

Prevention of Cancer – The first time I heard that sperm actually could prevent cancer I was totally astonished. But a scientific study showed that there is a unique content found in semen called the seminal plasma what this plasma does is it helps fight cancer. Most notably it helps fight breast cancer.

Safer Pregnancy – Studies also say that when a  pregnant woman swallows sperm it sometimes helps make her pregnancy the more safer. The reason being she is absorbing her partner’s antigens.

Nutritional Value – a lot of people also claim that sperm has a significant amount of nutritional value nestled within it as it contains virtually almost every nutrient the human body uses.

Above all these benefits a lot of women have also given high praises to the taste of sperm.

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  1. informative

  2. This is news to me. Very eye-opening.

  3. hmmmmmm I wonder if I show a girl this article before doing the deed will she be more accepting of my sperm? :o p

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