Amoeba That Lives in The Water Receives From Itself Three Lives in USA

Amoeba that lives in the water receives from itself three lives in USA. Brain.

The sanitary authorities were analyzing today the death of a nine-year-old child in the condition of Virginia, the third person who dies in USA this month after wallowing in waters infected by an organism known as ” the amoeba comecerebros “.

 The diary Richmond Times-Dispatch revealed that the small Christian Alexander Strickland, dead man last August 5, had been present at a camp of fishing before patient fell down.

 The autopsy of the small one revealed that it had expired for meningoencefalitis amebiana, an infection caused by the amoeba Naegleria Fowleri.

” Lamentably, we have taken an infection as Naegleria this summer in Virginia “, said the epidemióloga of the Department of Health of this condition Keri Hall in a communiqué.

 This strange infection killed also a 16-year-old young person in Florida, whom patient fell after credit been swimming, and to a man of 20 in Louisiana, which had been exposed to the organism because this one had nested in his glass of nasal rinsing, used to treat allergies.

In case of Louisiana, the sanitary authorities found the amoeba in the pipelines of the house, for what the epidemiologists studied if the infection was extended in the water system of the city. Finally the analyses rejected it.

 Since the amoeba was identified in the decade of the sixties, only approximately 120 cases have been brought in The United States, almost mortal all of them, it informed the Center for the Control and the Prevention of Diseases (CDC).

 The Naegleria Fowleri is in the habit of entering the body across the nose or the mouth. Once in the interior, it destroys the cerebral fabric and provokes meningoencefalitis amebiana primary, a disease almost always mortally of the nervous central system.

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