An Alternate Explanation for Diabetes and Hypoglycmia

This Article present an alternate explanation for Diabetes and Hypoglycemia, namely, that toxins in air and water disable insulin production in the pancreas and at the same time kill a high number of red blood cells and inhibit their reproduction thus causing diabetes and hypoglycemia at the same time in the person, as well as blood volume deficiency syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome.

I argue that many cases of diabetes are caused by toxins in the air and drinking water, namely, sulfuric acid from acid rain and the burning of high sulfur coal and the insertion of cyanide in air and drinking water as a pollution discharge from cyanide rendering plants which are located throughout the United States, even in and near residential areas.

Medical treatises on Forensic Medicine state that both cyanide and sufuric acid are typically fatal in person when ingested in even small amounts by breathing air or drinking beverages such as drinking water, when the foregoing poisons are present.    Three grains of cyanide are enough to kill a person in short period of time.

Cyanide rendering plants put a large amount of cyanide into the air and water in the United States.  Although cyanide is regulated as a toxic substance under the federal environmental statutes of  CERCLA and TOSCA. However, it appears that toxic polluters may be claiming an agriculutral excemption for cyanide rendering plants and thus are avoiding liability under CERCLA and TOSCA.   This loophole in environmental law, to the extent that it exists, must be closed.

The burning of high sulfur coal in Pennsylvania and other states is widely known to produce sulfuric acid when the soot from burning this coal combines with water, thus producing acid rain and acid water in streams, lakes, and rivers in Pennsylvania and other states, as well a killing trees and fish.   Obviously, persons who drink acid water and breath acid air may very well experience serious medical problems.

I argue that cyanide and acid in the air and drinking water in a person can attack major organs, including the  pancreas, thus resulting in reduced insulin production.  Insulin is needed for the human body to process sugar in the blood stream, and if there is not enough insulin then the peson can develop diabetes, which often has the symptoms of frequent urination, thirst, and fatigue.    Also, the toxins of cyanide and acid in the air and drinking water can also result in a much higher than normal destruction of red blood cells in the body, thus causing hypogycemia, blood volume deficiency syndrome, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

At the same time that the human body is trying to flush out the toxins of cyanide and acid by developing a thirst for the intake of more fluids or beverages, as well as a hunger for more sugar and carbohydrates and protiens to build more red blood cells, the very same drinking water and beverages ingested may very well contain even more acid and cyanide toxins, once again damaging the pancreas and red blood cell production.   Thus, the person is simultaneously both hypoglycemic with blood volume deficiency syndrome and diabetic at the same time.   At the same time that the person’s doctor is telling him or her to cut down on sugar intake to help treat diabetes, the doctor is ignoring the fact that the person is in the catch 22 sitution of also being hypoglyemic and needing increased sugar to build new red blood cells in attempt to deal with hypoglycemic, blood volume deficiency syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome.   The resultant chronic fatigue syndrome can be so severe that the person cannot even get out of bed, and in fact can go into a coma or die from blood volume deficiency syndrome.   Medical doctors must recognize this situation and not just force their patients to reduce sugar intake.

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