Are The Thought Police Really Going to Tax Chocolate and Smoked Salmon?

A fat tax is the most insane and pointless idea the health fascists have yet come up with to combat the alleged obesity epidemic. And the signs say it would be counter productive.

Following from my earlier post on the fat tax being proposed by international health fascists on all foods with more than a minimal saturated fat content I now have some examples of the foods to be targeted by Nanny State’s Politically Correct Thought Police. These foods which will be targeted for special taxation if the UK’s coalition government ever puts the heath bureaucracy’s proposals into law.

The tax, suggested by the World Health Organization and other United Nations agencies  applies to any food that is more than 2.3 percent saturated fat. Looking at the USDA’s nutrient database, avocados appear to just miss the cut, but cashews fall under the tax. So do salmon, eggs, and dark chocolate.

Salmon, of course, is full of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids which when ingested get busy running round your cardio vascular system scrubbing arterial plaque off the walls of your arteries. Just as an aside here, arterial plaque, the killer sludge that builds up on the artery walls of many people is as close as nature can get to the chemical composition of the low fat spreads the anti obesity industry recommends as butter substitutes. It is worth mentioning that said low fat spreads make a huge profit for those feed processing and chemical manufacturing corporations that are now hoping to make another huge profit from selling us anti obesity remedies.

Dark chocolate has been linked by many medical research projects to lower blood pressure. When the obesity police are not wailing and gnashing their teeth about our waistlines they join their colleagues the blood pressure police in wailing and gnashing their teeth about our blood pressure. And if we have a glass of wine to make ourselves feel better the alcohol police with join in too. We can’t win.

A recent medical research project from Harvard University calls eggs “a good source of nutrients.”  There is little risk from eating eggs so long as they are prepared properly, the doctors say. And do these anti obesity nuts think nuts clog arteries and swell bellies too, because nuts are also on the list for tax.? Humans have been eating nuts since … well since before we were humans, and as we continue to populate the globe in vast numbers we may assume nuts are not a threat so long as we remember to chew them properly so they do not choke us.

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  1. Who are the thought police?

  2. It’s a reference to George Orwell’s novel 1984. In the oligarchic collectivist regime of Big Brother the thought policfe are the agency responsible for ensuring people do not commit “thought crime” by questioning the government in any way.

    References to the though police have become a standard among British libertarian bloggers when referring to those goverment agencies determined to tell us how we must live our lives.

    Search George Orwell, 1984, novel and you should find the ful text as a free download.

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