Arson of The Heart

Sometimes failed relationships can leave lasting scars….like a burned out building in a beautiful neighborhood.

What causes the walls of a purified love to crumble…

Where we once stood…humbled…as the feeling we had are fumbled…back and forth like a ball

To where we used to walk proud and tall…

Cause you had the gall….to cause me to fall…all the while you tended to nawl… at my affections causing me to crawl…from this burning feeling, as you hit this wall… of emptiness

Arson of the Heart….is what they called it

Burned without recognition, of what and who you used to be, as you try to shovel the suet of worthlessness and make them see….that you are strong no matter what the outcome may bring

As you regain your position or control of YOUR HEART as KING….

As you live your life from day to day…the good and the bad, only to realize in part…

Therps, e are dangerous people out there…they are called ARSONIST OF THE HEART!

                                                                                               Jamell L.Williams 2012

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