Asthma in Children

We have more children in America with asthma than ever before. With all the airborn chemicals, personal care products, chemically treated furniture, carpeting, paints, varnishes, foods, and all the other things we have in and around our homes. It’s no wonder that it’s the third leading cause of childrens hospitalization.

Asthma is on the rise in children. One in school children in America suffers from asthma. It’s the third leading cause of hospitalization in kids under 15. Norleen Clard, Ph.D has studied mre than 2,000 children ages 10 to 15 with asthma “This is the age group that wants to build their Independence, It’s also the most important that they learn to manage their health/”Make sure your child knows what specific things will impact his asthma, whether he’s going to camp or to a friends house.  Kids are surrounded with allergens, if they’re susceptible exposure will bring on new problems. There are strategies that will help. Many kids experience exercises induced asthma. As they get older more flare ups are apt to happen.  Tell your child that these flare ups doesn’t mean he or she is out of shape.

They are simply signals her immune system is overreacting and needs to be calmed down. Kids hate to complain because they don’t want to be seen as sissies. Have a doctor write a note to coaches and teachers explaining your child’s condition.  Ask the gym teacher if it’s possible to have activities indoors on very cold days.  Ask her to let you know if the child is having trouble so you can inform the doctor. perhaps he can change the medication. 

Your child might have a fragrance sensitivity. Airborn chemicals released in personal care products can cause muscles in the airways to tighten. It can happen even if your child has never had this problem before. Heavily scented personal care products is one reason we see more asthma in girls than boys. There is also a relationship between estrogen levels and asthma. It sometimes appears when girls get their first period.

Keep inhalers on hand to prevent symptoms and in the meantime get further testing to treat the underlying causes of asthma. Allergy help some kids, although not all of them.At the least they may be able to reduce the medications. Encourage your child to try to pin down exactly what brings on an asthma attack, and teach her how best to control it.

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