Baby Signs Deaf

Between three of 1000 infants who were born around the world, having the hearing impaired. Hearing loss in newborns, there can be temporary or permanent. Hearing loss has a level of severity from mild to severe, which happens severity may differ between the right ear with the left.

In some particular hospitals performed standard hearing in newborns. This examination aims to check whether your baby has hearing problems in the system or not. Test called the audiologist is composed of several series of tests, including the ABR test, Otoacoustic Emissions, Typanometry and CT scan. In addition to hearing tests, several other tests such as Eye Exam (check the disorders of the eye), Renal Ultrasound (check kidney) and ECG (heart check), is usually also performed.
Signs of deafness and hearing loss level varies in each baby. Therefore, parents should know the signs of deafness as early as possible. Here are some signs of deaf babies:
Children newborn to 3-month-old showed signs of loss of hearing or deaf sign, if they were not surprised when you make a sudden move, a loud sound, or not responsive to any noise such as music or the sounds .
By the time your baby has been aged 4 to 8 months, usually they have started moving the eyes or turning toward the sound source. Deaf babies usually tend to be passive, whereas in age by now they should have started talking to himself or others and respond with a tone of voice.
Infants at age 9 to 12 months usually have started to react when name called or when listening to music and singing, babble and imitate sounds he heard. Deaf at the age of the sign is quite clear, those who experience hearing loss is usually not able to utter a single word such as “ma-ma” or “pa-pa”, a command such as “do” or “here”, as well as the inability to understand words In simple words, accompanied by expressions such as “da-da” and clapped his hands.

Actually, at the age of 4 to 8 years of the signs of whether or not deaf infants was already evident. If your baby is experiencing the above symptoms or you suspect your baby is deaf, immediately contact your pediatrician to check your baby’s hearing problem child.

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