Bacteria are Persecuted

If confronted with bacteria or other microbes, humans are usually to be a priori.

If confronted with bacteria or other microbes, humans are usually to be a priori. Prejudice to the bacteria in turn will result in destructive communication. Every time the word “bacteria”, then our response is “annihilated”. As with worms, fungi, birds, fish, virus, monkeys, water, stone, mahogany tree, ginger root, and other creatures of God, the bacteria also have the right to life and right to interact.
Ever since Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin from the fungus substance, the human race to develop anti-microbial weapon called “antibiotics”. This drug then becomes a drug with the highest turnover in the pharmaceutical industry. Its use is no longer rational and has grown to become the ultimate weapon for all health problems. The bacteria were forced into a battle of biological targets. They were chased and cornered. But make no mistake, it turns out the bacteria are not standing still. As I continued to have been wronged, they were very smart to develop a healthy immune system proved successful. Worse even self-defense system that evolved into a deadly offensive weapon.
Terzalimi bacteria that mutate and produce proteins that are resistant to antibiotics. For example, the enzyme that makes bacteria MRSE resistant to beta-lactam antibiotics. Subsequently the bacteria were transformed into “killing machines” are difficult to tame. Actually, the bacteria do not have malicious intent to harm humans, but humans who push them look fierce.
Change for changes that occur in bacteria stimulated by the use of antibiotics and the decrease in their real life media. They were forced to migrate and explore the human body just to survive and regenerate. Human acts to “defeat” and “destroy” it was a cause of resistance is not accidental. Change for change in the bacteria occur as part of the process of adaptation or adjustment.
Dr. Debbie Retnoningrum of Pharmacy ITB do a major breakthrough to open our insights about the control of bacteria. He created a model that can “embrace” and “invite” healthy bacteria to compete in goodness. Way, the bacteria are conditioned to “compete” with drugs that are synthesized from coral reefs and escerisia coli bacteria. Proteins of the drug would occupy the receptor or attached to a diving spot is to the entrance of bacteria. Thus bacteria can still enter the human body, but in limited quantities and selective. M12 protein gene mga49 match IgG3 and human serum albumin (HSA). 

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