Baking Soda vs.. Cancer

This article talks about the effects of Baking soda vs cancer.

There are many people who want to know if the baking soda cancer treatment would work for them. If you don’t know what the baking soda cancer treatment is then you can simply search the term “cancer and baking soda” in any major search engine such as Yahoo or Google. You will see over a half million results from that search query alone. You can also try search terms such as “baking soda cancer treatment” or “baking powder cancer.”

It is ironic that baking soda is claimed to kill cancer according websites such as Earth Clinic and Cancer Tutor. At the same time, disinfectant sprays kill the HIV virus that causes AIDS, accoding to the product description, but you can’t go dumping that into your body without risking your life either. This is the main reason why baking soda treatment is not really some cure all remedy that you can use for cancer. In a realistic situation, baking soda would only help with cancer in most cases and not at all in some. This is because cancer can be in many forms and that makes everything about baking soda and cancer conditional if it really is as effective as some people say.

For example, if you have skin cancer then baking soda probably would not do anything as far as helping. Baking soda needs adequate amount of liquid between the cancer cells and itself to be of any use at all because it is a dry powder. On the other hand, if you have some type of cancer that is along the digestive tract, such as esophageal cancer then the baking soda cancer remedy could be something that you could test out for yourself.

Anything beyond ingesting baking soda for a cancer remedy would probably require a doctor. You don’t want to jeopardize your life by trying to inject yourself with a baking soda solution because you heard about it on the internet. There have been many unfortunate cases where people have lost their lives trying to perform remedies that they find on the internet. Not to say all things on the internet are false, but there are many conditional truths and opinions that many people take as laws when they see it on the internet.

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