Basic Tips for Oral Sexx


The clitoris – this small bunch of nerves packs a powerful punch. In fact, it has more nerve endings (8,000) than any other part of the human body. And don’t forget that her entire pelvic region is super sensitive to stimulation as well. The undersides of her buttocks and her inner thighs are all super sensitive and love to be kissed and caressed.

Another important fact is to remember to vary your technique eso that you don’t wear out, but not to change so often that you break any wonderful orgasmic momentum you’ve got going on for her. Make sure you’ve got open communication going with the woman so that she feels okay to ask you to keep “going” with a particular stroke, motion, etc. that’s bringing her particular pleasure.

Your hands are also very important, not only to make sure you’re getting to the sweet spots, but also to add extra sizzle and stimulation to oral sexx. By using your thumb to lift the skin on her pubic mound just above her clitoris just a bit you’ll stretch her clitoris so that it’s easier for your tongue to reach all the right places. You can also use your forefinger to tease the entrance of her vagina and of course slip a digit inside to give her vaginal muscles something to grip onto while you’re tantalizing her silly.

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