Basil Expells Kidney Stone

Herbal usage of basil are many.

Basil is a many branched, erect, stout and aromatic herb. It grows up to 75 cm and hairy all over it’s body. It’s scientific name is Ocimum Sanctum and Indian name is Tulsi. This plant is native to India and it reached Western Europe in 16th century. Now this plant is seen all over the world.

This plant has a lot of medicinal properties. It helps us in clearing kidney stones.

Basil has strengthening effect on our kidney. It helps in removing kidney stones. For this, the juice of basil leaves and honey are to be mixed. This mixture to be taken regularly for six months and this will cause the stone expelled through urinary track.

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  1. Basil is one of my favourite herbs, and I am not surprised that it has that much health benefits.

  2. That’s good info! Thanks for sharing

  3. Good to know in case I ever get a stone.

  4. Very nice Information Thanks for sharing.

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