Beautiful It Can be a Killer Apparently Breast Cancer

Beautiful It Can Be a Killer Apparently Breast Cancer.

This time I will convey a valuable information related to a malignant disease is common in women. His name is breast cancer. Sorry, not a cancer, but a leaf which can overcome the problem of breast cancer. So you do not upset with breast cancer, because there is no cure. What is it? Parsley. This leaf is one of the seven plants most efficacious drug in the world and has studied the ability to kill breast cancer.

One study found that Parsley was not just decorating a dish or garnish. Plant known as the Latin name is Petroselinum crispum herb that has a “million” benefits to the body. One of them ferociously against breast cancer. The team of researchers from the University of Missouri found levels of a substance called apigenin in parsley and celery are effective against breast cancer and some types of tumors associated with the hormone progestin.

“We know that apigenin slow the progression of breast cancer cells in three ways: by inducing cell death, inhibit cell proliferation, and by decreasing the reaction of genes associated with cancer growth,” said Salman Hyder, research studies, as quoted by the Huffington Post.

Professor of biomedical further added that, in trials using mice revealed that apigenin intake triggers constriction of blood vessels that serve to feed the cancer cells. “When the vessel is smaller means the flow of nutrients is limited. It also will automatically block the spread of tumor cells and cancer,” say the researchers who published their study in the journal Hormones and Cancer.

Parsley is the Best in the World Medicinal Plants

According to Dr. Denice Moffat, a nutritionist from the American Naturopathic Medical Association, said that parsley is one of the seven plants most efficacious drug in the world, in addition to ginger, oregano, cinnamon, saffron, sage, and chili powder. Parsley contains many nutrients. In addition to the high in iron, the leaves of the “sacred” Greek it also contains calcium, protein, folic acid, betakarotin, chlorophyll, antioxidant agents, antibacterial agents, as well as vitamins A, B12, and C.

Unless the fight against cancer, the leaves are grown from 2,000 years ago could be counted on to address the various issues of diseases such as anemia, digestive disorders, liver disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, kidney, lung, female hormonal or menstrual disturbances, visual disturbances, cough , fever, and bad breath.

The Ways and rules can be done by consuming parsley mix it directly into a serving dish or fruit juice. As for the medical treatment, you can also boil. However, do not consume too much parsley in serving as oil content is toxic. Pregnant and nursing women should not eat them.

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