Bedwetting: A Question of Maturity

Bedwetting past the age when it is clean, it’s a question of maturity of the brain. There is indeed a link between enuresis and other cognitive performance. Further evidence that children who wet the bed do not express, and as nervousness or punishments will do more harm than good.

Bedwetting, daytime leaks and cognitive performance

In 2007, a British study conducted on over 6000 children aged seven to nine years has helped to make a definitive link between the problems of continence (bedwetting, daytime leaks, and anal incontinence as well) and performance of children in cognitive tests: vocabulary, puzzles, arithmetic, comprehension, etc.. Children who had incontinence problems had poorer results on cognitive tests. The strongest link was found with bedwetting specifically; leaks during the day and anal incontinence did not change the results little.

Bedwetting: a question of maturity of the central nervous system

For researchers, this link is not really surprising. In fact, succeed in not wetting the bed indicates that the brain manages to wake the child when he needs to urinate and / or inhibit the reflex emptying of the bladder during sleep. These mechanisms can be established only when the central nervous system of the child has acquired a certain maturity. The same maturity will be reflected in other tasks, and therefore in tests that measure cognitive performance. Beware though, the scores of children who wet the bed were not much lower: the researchers did not prove that the children in question were less successful in the classroom, or had learning difficulties .

These results explain why doctors advise parents not to get excited when bedwetting lasts longer than average. It is sometimes difficult to hear, because the practical consequences are severe: nighttime awakenings and detergents and more quickly lead to severe fatigue for mom and dad. But it’s not a lack of discipline, or ill will. Consult a doctor as soon as bedwetting takes too much room in family life is a good idea: there are several solutions to prevent bedwetting, some drug and others do not and it would be a shame to deprive.

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