Being Fat is Formed in The Brain

No more diets: Being fat is formed in the brain.

Overweight leaves visible traces: The changes are not visible not only on the scales, and brain functions change. The research team under Dr. Hubert Preissl therefore uses a new concept: influence brain processes to overweight from the head to get a better grip.

Where would our hunger in the belly or in your head?

Hubert Preissl: Definitely in the brain, even if we are the signals that arise in the body and are processed in the brain does not forget. When we talk about hunger and satiety, there are two areas. On the one hand, what is classically referred to as “homeostatic control”, so you eat as much as it consumes. In animal experiments, it was shown that these are localized in the hypothalamus. There are seeds, when they are violated, leading to obesity, or the victims starve themselves to death. Those areas are also influenced by our higher cognitive functions, ie by how we judge a meal

Dr. Hubert Preissl works at the Institute for Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology at the Medical University of Tuebingen. He is part of the research associations and NEURO MAIN TARGET in Obesity Research Network, which deal with the effects of obesity in the brain and the factors for successful weight maintenance after dieting.

Does that mean the food is more important to us, the less we can maintain the natural control?

Dr. Hubert Preissl

Hunger is not one dimensional. There would be no excess weight, if any would work for the homeostatic regulation. There is enough in the body signals that give us the state of our energy reserves information. Exactly what does not work anymore. That is, the higher cognitive functions such as memory, development of pleasure and enjoyment, have led to the easy control of body weight has been overwritten. Even our food abundance plays a role.

Her research team has demonstrated that an elevated body mass index increased brain activity in the frontal area of ​​the brain.

Yes, this area is important, inter alia, for the control of behavior. And increased activity could be the reason why overweight people have difficulty controlling their food intake sufficiently.

Can you draw the conclusion that this increase in brain activity existed before and that caused the excess weight?

We can say now is not because we have so far been no studies on complete life spans of time. We know from studies with normal weight and overweight children in the age of ten years that the brain changes are present very early. Some research also speak strongly suggests that the brain changes occur in the womb. One study for example, shows that children who experience malnutrition during pregnancy, at the age increased metabolic diseases and develop cognitive deficits. There is enough evidence in my opinion, make this causal relationship. But we can not yet say that in people who have these brain changes that inevitably arises overweight.

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