Benalu Tea (Dendrophthoe Pentandra), a Parasite as Herbal for Curing Tumors, Cancer, and Helps Lower Cholesterol

BenaluTea (Dendrophthoe pentandra), a parasite as herbal for curing tumors, cancer, and helps lower cholesterol.

Benalu or kemladeyan better known by the community as a plantation crop plant destroyer. Plants that live in these woody plants can kill host the host.

As a parasitic plant, mistletoe life by taking the basic nutrients that are owned by the host to be processed into food and energy to the interests of the growing parasite. Because the parasites take nutrients from the host base, then some of the content of compounds contained in the parasite-like host.

Behind the destructive power of parasites, there are a variety of amazing benefits. In the world of medicine, especially cancer, plants that most of its spread is assisted by this bird is not foreign.

One type of parasite that is known by the public is tea Benalu. Benalu tea no doubt benefit as an efficacious anti-cancer herbs. Even the price has soared. There are more than one benalu species of tea. Among others Macrosolen Cochincinensis and Scurrula Atropurpurea.

Savor the efficacy of mistletoe probably derived from the host compound which sucked by the parasite. As examples of parasites that efficacious anti-cancer tea, were allegedly obtained properties of the flavonoids contained in tea plants. So the original parasite that grows on other plants such as cottonwoods parasite, parasite spades, and so forth are considered less useful.

Tea benalu proven in vitro to inhibit crown gall tumor and detection research asparaginase activity in tea benalu can hydrolize asparagine. Asparaginase is an enzyme catalyst that acts hydrolize asparagine into aspartic acid and ammonia. Thus, cancer cells lack asparagine resulting cell death.

What exactly is the secret of parasites, so that many people used as a cure various illnesses?
benalu-tea-1 According to Richter in Phytochemistry No. 31 (1992), Loranthaceae and Viscaceae parasite contains many flavonoids, such as chalcones, flavanones, c-glycoflavonols and flavan-3-ols. Flavonoids itself serves as a patron of the parasite from the damage caused by the influence of ultraviolet light and is responsible for the color of flowers, fruits, and leaves.
In pharmaceutical science, anti-inflammatory compounds known as flavonoids, antioxidants, pain relievers (analgesics), antivirus, anti-HIV, prevents liver toxicity, antikelebihan fat, stimulates the immune system, as a vasodilator (blood flow), preventing blood clotting, allergy, and anticancer.

The presence of flavonoids was supported by other substances are also found in parasites, such as proline, hydroproline, myo-inositol, and chiroinosotils. While mistletoe family Loranthaceae is believed to contain lots of tannins. These compounds found in plant parasites, thanks to collaboration with catechin gallic acid, which causes dense tannin levels in leaves and stems stems. In the pharmaceutical sciences, tannins are often used as a diarrhea medicine, poison antidote, antiviral, anticancer, and anti-HIV.

Here are some of the properties benalu tea, among others:

  •     Helps to treat various cancers or tumors (uterine cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, cysts).
  •     Helps treat kidney stone disease, goiter.
  •     Helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar.
  •     Helps reduce high blood pressure, backache, rheumatic, rheumatism, etc..
  •     Smooth the face and makes the skin youthful.
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