Benefits of Banana Peel

Benefits Of Banana Peel.

Benefits Of Banana Peel

You can use the peel for many health issues{Skin,Skin Ailment,Wart,Wound,Headaches,Mosquitoes}

For Skin-good in treating the skin if you are allergic to any sort of food.

For Skin Ailment-when the peel is rubbed on the skin, Skin ailment gets healed naturally.

For Warts-applying peel will help get rid of warts in about 10 days.

For Wounds-peel helps the wound to get dry faster

Headaches-has to be mashed properly and applied to the forehead to cure aching headaches.

For Mosquitoes-apply banana peel on the bite and you will see in a short while that it no longer itches.

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  1. Good info. Banana rules.

  2. WOW! So many useful properties…

  3. Amazing health benefits of banana peel, nice share. I will keep this in mind next time I have one.

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  11. very good information kid
    but u should also include
    the elements what help skin etc
    gr888 4 a 14 year old
    well done

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