Benefits of Being Overweight

Being skinny is not all it is cracked up to be. In fact there are many benefits, including health benefits, to being overweight. So, next time you feel like you need to lose a few pounds. Take a real good at the little miss rib cage sitting next to you, and think about all of the great benefits associated with packing on a few pounds.

Okay here is the thing, being skinny really is not all that it is cracked up to be.  Sure you might be able to turn a few heads your tight little bodies, but believe it or not a fat guy is able to do the same thing with a chili dog. 

You see, the problem is really that overweight people simply do not hype the benefits of their lifestyle.  They let the skinny folks show the negatives, and they forget to show the positives.  Other than a few adverse medical side effects, there are really quite a few positives to being overweight. 


You Float Better

This is not a joke being made at the expense of an overweight person.  It simply is a fact.  Next time you are at the pool, watch all the skinny folks struggle to keep their heads above water, while the large folks glide around playing tag in the deep end. 

Better Chance of Surviving Car Wrecks

That’s right, the larger you are, the better off you are at surviving car wrecks.  Honestly the statistics don’t lie:

You Look Tough

Overweight people just frankly look tough.  Honestly, if you got a pot belly all you need is a long beard (this works extremely well if you are lady) and a pair skid pants.  Then you can get to work and start intimidating. 

You Can Sleep in Free of Guilt

For some reason skinny people think they have to get up early in the morning.  They view it as a sense of accomplishment.  Well guess what, you can get the same things down at eleven that you could at seven.  Overweight people do not feel this primal urge to wake up so early.  The sleep and get up as they please. 

There Are Actual Health Benefits

That’s right, if have packed on a few pounds you may actually experience better health. Overweight people are less likely to experience emphysema and pneumonia.  Their likelihood of suffering from breast, prostate, kidney, pancreatic and colon cancer decreases.  They recover quicker from physical injury.  And they generally have better eyesight

You Do not Have to Exercise

You do not have to worry about losing your looks.  There is no pressure.  Quite frankly there is a lot less stress associated with being skinny; but when you are overweight, you will not need to worry about running to gym and working out all time. 

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  1. You serious? These may be the added perks of being overweight but they surely cannot be called benefits?


  2. nice share thanks ! also chk my articles tooo ! waiting for ur response

  3. Interesting & well said.

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