Benefits of Myotherapy

Is it really good for the body? How is it different from a simple massage?

Myotherapy is a therapy which involves trigger points like those in acupressure treatment and unlike those in a simple relaxing massage. There are several trigger points in our body, and each one is connected to the nerves of all the organs. The trigger points generally exist in the human palm.

Myotherapy works in providing relaxation to the body and relief from a wide variety of pain. I have a regular session of myotherapy and aside from it being so relaxing, I can also feel it’s health benefits especially in the stubborn knots in my shoulders which used to be so hard but are now softer and less painful. My therapist initially puts a warm compress on the erring areas and then she provides pressure along my body’s meridian lines. In no time, I will be already dozing off. Though I admit there are areas that when pressed are painful, like the inner part of the legs and arms, (especially if some points here correspond to a sick body organ) but generally, it is a relaxing experience.

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  1. Is it kind of like Qi Gong? It is amazing how much you know about these things. Where do you get myotherapy sessions, smartyph?

  2. painful massages makes me feel more stressed… i think i’d stick with good old swedish massage

  3. Great info!

  4. nice share, good information!

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