Benefits of The Banana Flower

The banana flower is a unique cone-shaped flower.

A large darkish purple to reddish and a coned-shaped flower,  the sweet scented blossom is found on the end of the banana tree branches.

The female flowers don’t need fertilization, it becomes fruit and grows farther to the stem up from the male flowers.

Served in Asian cuisines, in Japan it is known as banana no tsubmomi

In Thailand as dok kluai, in Indonesia as jantung pisang

China.  as shang chao in Sri Lanka as kehel mal

India as kere kafool,  a various number or translations.

People use this flower for the following health purposes:


Ethanol-based, the extracts of the banana flowers inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, like Bacillus  subtalis, Bacillus cereus, and Escherichia coli. As tested in laboratories.  It helps in healing wounds, and prevents infections.


The intake of the flowers reduces the blood sugar levels, this however has not been proved clinically so before you take any extract of the flower speak to your doctor.

Antioxidant Activity

The properties of the flower stabilizes the free radicals which is formed in various metabolic processes in the body.  If the free radicals are not neutralized there can be unstable electrons, that react with the DNA and protein of the the human cells, and allows for other chronic conditions, also cancer and heart disease.

Menstrual Bleeding


You can  have one cooked banana flower with a cup of curd or yogurt, an efficient way of controlling excessive bleeding during your menstrual cycle.

You have  to seek medical advice before trying the banana flower for any health issues

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  1. juntung pisang good for our health

  2. I remember seeing these dark and exotic flowers when visiting a banana plantation in Egypt.

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  14. Very informative. South Indians use banana flowers and it is said to be good for women’s menstrual disorders.

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  19. I never knew banana flower has so many uses. My mother sometimes put banana flower in her dishes and sometimes I eat it, sometimes I don’t.

  20. never knew it before. thanks for sharing benefit of banana flower. In Indonesia, it called as jantung pisang (banana heart)

  21. We cook it as a vegetable mixed up with prawn dry fish, i like it.

  22. Very interesting article. I didn’t know the flower was edible but I sure do like the fruit.

  23. Good news for diabetics.

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