Benefits of Watermelon

Benefits of Watermelon.

Watermelon is believed to come from the Kalahari desert, Africa. According to the researchers, the fruit is harvested the first time 5000 years ago in Egypt and according to ancestral beliefs at the time, the fruit is used for the burial of kings so that they get nutrition spirits in the afterlife. And that is where the melon was taken round to the countries in the world.

Today, we know that that has been buried obviously can no longer enjoy watermelon nutrition. It is we who are entitled to enjoy the delicious and how the one piece of fruit bergizinya same function with a glass of water. But remember, when eating watermelon, green part near the skin is the most important part that you eat should come in addition to the red / yellow only.

What are the functions of a watermelon?

A. If you’re on a diet, the watermelon is your best friend. The fruit is free of fat and sugar levels have a combination of limited and abundant moisture. Moreover, the fruit of this one is quickly filling in the stomach.
2. Watermelon is good for people with hypertension. Water content and high potassium can neutralize blood pressure.
3. Watermelon also intensify the work of the heart
4. Antioxidants include beta-carotene and vitamin C helps the body’s cells healthy.
5. Watermelon also serves to stimulate more rapid discharge of urine so it is good for those with impaired urination.
6. Watermelon can be used to reduce fever
7. Watermelon can prevent thrush with potent

Is it true that watermelon is the fruit of anti-cancer?

All started from lycopene. Lycopene is a component of carotenoids like beta-carotene. But compared other antioxidants, like vitamins C and E, lycopene forces in the fight against free radicals is much more powerful. Free radicals are going out of control, either because of the chaotic eating patterns, pollution or negative thoughts, decreased immune. As a result of various diseases and yes tubuhpun skin becomes dry, dull and sagging. With lycopene found in watermelon, free radicals can directly lame!

Lycopene is able to crush the seeds of cancer. Eat lots of watermelon, even every day was no problem, it can shrink the risk of cervical cancer and pancreatic cancer in women. Against digestive cancers, lycopene watermelon unable to stop until the risk is reduced by half, such as oral cavity cancer, esophagus cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer. Similarly, prostate cancer. Wow!

In addition, lycopene is useful to create a glowing face, looking fresh and younger. For the elderly, the watermelon is not only help restore the health problems more quickly, but also help improve mental abilities and memory acuity.

POWERFUL FRUIT for watermelon is called man, is it true? ?

Lycopene in watermelon kasiat also donated specifically for married men. This fruit can increase fertility and help men’s sexual arousal. For those anxious to have offspring, the fruit can also be very helpful. Believe it or not, research shows that the compound sitrulin in watermelon, have the same effect afrosidiak good as Viagra, but with no side effects. Want to try?

Local watermelon seeds, seedless watermelon, yellow watermelon, watermelon red, watermelon imports, round watermelon, watermelon oval, or any variety, the watermelon remains a high nutritious fruit and superior! Make this fruit as a gift for the family you love. Safely be enjoyed no matter how you like and even incomparable freshness.

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