Best Heart Care Supplements to Prevent Heart Diseases – Price and Review

Below is the list of heart care supplements to prevent from heart diseases and problems.


Best Heart Care Supplements Price in Indian Rupees

Amway Nutrilite Garlic Heart Care 60 Tablets – Heart Care
Price – 619
Review – Nutrilite Garlic Heart Care A natural advantage for a healthy heart. It contains significant level of Allicin, the key active component in Garlic which helps maintain blood lipid levels already within the normal range.

Heart Patient Diet Plan
Price – 1250
Review – Diet with small frequent meals,to avoid any strain on the heart, Diet rich in MUFA AND PUFA, and low in SFA, A diet plan low in sodium content. A high fibre diet is recommended.

Crystal For Heart Trouble
Price – 3600
Review – It is the best crytal for thos who are sufferirng from heart problems.

Crystal for Heart Trouble
Price – 295
Review – A natural high quality herbal supplement that is beneficial in maintaining healthy blood lipid level and promote blood circulation. This , in turn , helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

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