Best Ways to Sleep When You Have Back Pain

Back pain doesn’t only make you harder to have a good night’s sleep, but your family also could not sleep well. This can last from night to other night. However, the experts say that with a proper treatment, you and your family can have a chance to enjoy a normal sleep. Let’s learn about the treatments and advice of expert for people with back pain to have a good sleep.

Why is the sleep important for patients with back pain?

Back pain make you have sleeping problems and insomnia; when waking up you feel tired and your back can be hurt more.

Is there anything worse? Experts have shown that insufficient sleep actually makes you more sensitive to the pain. There is a vicious cycle that back pain make you sleeping problems and when you can’t sleep, your condition may get worse.

Causes of insomnia for people with back pain:

Sleep disorder has been linked to linked to respiratory problems and obesity; on contrary, obesity is related back pain. Sleep disorders is like apnea phenomenon in sleep because of obstruction, it affects your sleep and make your sleep insufficiency and poor quality. This disease can become more serious by pain medication for chronic back pain patients.

Use medicine for massage can reduce back pain and help you fall asleep at first, but you can be woken up several hours later because of back pain. At the morning, you wake up, feel tired, become irritable due to the pain, and the quality of sleep isn’t as good as you desire.

In many cases, the prescription that your doctor prescribes causes your sleep quality. For example, patients with hypertension or epilepsy also have sleep problems.

Change sleeping habits for patient with back pain and sleep disorders.

Here are some tips to get a good night’s sleep for patients with back pain:

1. Avoid stress: Stress is a major cause of insomnia. First, you have to limit it or for the best, you should remove addictive substances (such as caffeine, cigarette). Don’t eat before going to bed. A big meal can make you acid reflux and become sober.

2. Do not massage with alcohol: It can cause your sleeping troubles.

3. Do some gentle exercises: Try to relax and use your physiotherapy equipments, it can help you have a normal sleep.

4. Select mattress and pillow that make you feel the most comfortable: You don’t need to buy an expensive mattress. Experts suggest that a mattress with reasonable prices is the best for most people. The important thing is you feel comfortable using it.

5. Sleep in a comfortable posture: Bend the body in sleep often exacerbates chronic back pain. To change the bad habits, you should wear a sleepwear with front pocket and put a tennis ball on it. You should also put pillows under your knees when you lie back and put it between two knees when you lie on. Don’t read, work or watch TV in bed.

6. Get in/out of bed safely: When getting in or out of bed, don’t rebound suddenly while you’re lying down. The way of getting in bed is sit in the bed, support the body by hand, fold pillow and lie down. The way of getting out bed is bend the knees, use hands to push the body forward and move legs out the bed; avoid bend in the waist as you can be back pain.

Add some more tips for a good sleep:

Take a rest but don’t stay in bed more than a day or two days. This just makes your back pain more serious.

If the pain is too much and you should lie down; for comfortable feeling, you also sit down or travel frequently; it will help you sleep better and reduce pain.

Bathing with warm water can help relax the muscles before bedtime. You can use ice to apply on the back about 20 minutes for reducing the pain.

Get rid of back pain:

One of the best ways to have a good night’s sleep is getting rid of back pain. Let your mind be free out of the pain. Other factors such as anxiety, stress or depression also affect sleep, so you need to pay attention to treatment. Do not give up a search for an effective treatment method to help you find a good sleep.

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