Beware Keyboard Many Germs!

Beware Keyboard Many Germs!

TRULY shocking, but there it is. Keyboard or your computer keyboard turns out to be a source of disease. On the surface, and the sidelines of the keyboard can be store more dangerous germs than the toilet in your bathroom.

A British study recently reported that some of the keyboard in an office building turned out to FIVE TIMES store more number of bacteria than a toilet. This research was disclosed by an expert hired by the magazine Which? Computing to clean more than 30 keyboard on an office in London.

From the fabrics and cleaning sponges collected successfully found a variety of harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli and coliform bacteria that can cause diarrhea or poisoning. The experts also detect staphylococcus aureus, a common bacterium that causes diverse infections ranging from skin problems to pneumonia or pneumonia. Family of bacteria also includes MRSA and MSSA superkuman which mutate and become resistant to antibiotics.

Microbiology expert Professor Hugh Pennington said the most likely Staphylococcus bacteria that is found in MSAA keybord is a sensitive strain that has crippled one of the famous British actress, Leslie Ash.

Research into the many hospitals also showed one in five keyboard in the treatment room with a MRSA-infected patients. However, facing this threat Prof Pennington offers a fairly easy solution.

“Drying in the sun keyboard. Bacteria can not stand ultraviolet radiation or dry conditions that would kill them very quickly,” he said.

Meanwhile, James Francis, microbiologists from Kingmoor Technical Services, who work directly in the study, said he found four different types of bacteria. From his findings, he suggested that the keyboard is always cleaned regularly so as not to pose a health risk.

This finding is the follow-up of a survey the magazine Which? Computing which showed that one in 10 people never clean your computer. Only one out of four people to clean your computer keyboard or laptop once a month.

Bacteria are easy to inhabit the sidelines of your computer keyboard. One of the factors that facilitate the entry of bacteria is the habit of eating at your desk. Crumbs and splashes of food stuck on the keyboard will trigger the growth of bacteria. Dust can also become a problem when trapped in moisture. This condition will create a conducive environment for germs to breed.

But Prof Pennington said the two biggest problems is people do not wash their hands properly after going to the toilet and people are picking when working.

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