Bizarre Child Defects of the 21st Century

Children are brought in this world to experience the best out of life and every opportunity possible. While reading this article, you may want to think… is it really the baby thing or the child-nature behind that strike the hearts of every normal human being?

Bizarre Birth Defects of the 21st Century

By MAG Villaflor

Children are brought in this world to experience the best out of life and every opportunity possible. Their smiles, their giggles, their cries and every childish act amazingly strike every normal and loving human being in this planet in a very positive and changing way. Many people think that some of the reasons why they acquire so much affection and intimacy from older people are their baby characters and physical perfections.

However, I personally have to disagree with that.

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Children are automatically fantastic and loving in their own unique way minus all the baby characteristics they could possibly possess. In this discussion, the primary subject centers on the bizarre characters of different children from across the world. While reading this article, you may want to think… is it really the baby thing or the child-nature behind that strike the hearts of every normal human being?

Mermaid Syndrome: The Little Mermaid…Baby

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Another rare condition occurred to the young sweet girl named, Milagros Cerrón Arauco, who was born from a poor family in April 27, 2004 in Huancayo Peru. The condition of Milagros is known as Sirenomelia or the Mermaid Syndrome, which is a rare congenital deformity occurring to 1 out of 70,000 live births and usually fatal within a day or two due to the severe complications. Fortunately, Milagros’s internal organs, including her heart and lungs, are in perfect condition; however, internal defects are severely affected including her deformed kidneys and single-tubule digestive, urinary tract and genitalia. Currently, Milagros is under her 10 to 15 years of rehabilitation with planned sets of reconstructive surgeries to rebuild her anus, urethra and genitalia.

Lobster Baby: Claw-like Limbs of Moises Chavez


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From Andean village of San Jeronimo, Central Andes, Peru, the mother, Marisol Chavez, gave to a beautiful baby boy weighing 2.5kg and 33cm long, and a rare condition known as Arthrogryposis. The rare congenital disorder occurring among 1 out of 30,000 live births is also known as Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. Baby Moises Chavez has been branded as the “lobster baby” due to its claw-like limbs resembling those from the lobster.

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  1. Really bizarre diseases and it is horrible for the children who suffer from these diseases.

  2. We don’t often think of how lucky most of us are to have normal childen. These poor children must endure such sad lives. This is heartbreaking. You have done your homework and written an informative piece. Great work. Ruby

  3. Thank you so much Ruby and Valli for all your comments. I really appreciate all of them. Have a great day ahead :)

  4. Very sad, I’d never heard of many of these defects.
    Thanks for sharing the info.

  5. It must be so heartbreaking for the parents to have to deal with the birth of children with such defects, especially cojoined twins who sometimes die.

  6. Wow, these are very interesting and concerning. I hadn’t heard of two of them. Nice job.

  7. They are all so very sad. You gave a wonderful presentation, nobert.

  8. Great article. I couldn’t imagine what life is for these kids. We ought to be really thankful to God for being normal and for having normal children.

  9. They sunk my heart.

  10. great article! I have just started medical school and it has been interesting to see all of the kinds of defects that can happen during development. Although having a deformity may seem very sad for the parents and children, they can still often lead happy, fulfilling lives, even though to many of us their circumstances are far from normal. For example, I have a teacher who use to work as an orthopedic surgeon and used to deal with a lot of parents and children who had a condition where a persons’s upper limbs didn’t develop properly. This caused them to have to use their feet instead of their hands to perform daily tasks. The teacher had a video showing a mother changing her baby’s diaper and getting her baby a bottle using her feet. The baby had no arms either but they both laughed and had a great time together.
    To me it is sad when people have an abortion because their child has a chance of having a deformity and they don’t think that their child will ever live a fulfilling life. The truth is that even children with deformities can live fulfilling lives and help and teach others in ways that the rest of us can’t.

  11. poor kids

  12. Very interesting.
    Do geneticists take blood from these children for future testing on genetic mutations? These kids could (and are in a way) be valuable teachers of ourselves.

  13. WoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooW

    That is really sad :(

  14. Its so heart breaking seeing all these little babies going through such pain because they were born different. I really wish them well and hope that they have a better life next time.

  15. this is so sad i sit here and whine about having sickle cell but they have ppl worst than me thats so sad

  16. this makes me think that there are some people who say that they don’t like how they look or are ugly fat or something but they dont think that there are some people who don’t have arm of look like this. All of us are lucky that we were born normal

  17. I am amazed to see how rare these cases are but still a child will be deformed by them. I hope all the children will live happy lives

  18. Hahahaha, see I have a sense of humor!

  19. I would classify this as an article picturing these children in the most inhuman way, separate from the families who love them and
    not recognizing their innate dignity as children of God and therefore human first. Your information is wrong. Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita is not rare. These babies are not “lobster babies”. The incidence is 1 in 3000, not 30,000. It is a very treatable disorder (not disease) and the thousands of children born in the US with it have loving families who pursue every means of treatment. Most children will walk. We are not living in the dark ages folks. If you are doing this kind of article, get all the facts.

  20. I would have liked a bit more detail. How does that extra head eat? Or take a crap? If it had survived, how would it have passed it’s driving test? As for the anencephaly baby in a washing up bowl, I think it’s a great idea to parade these monsters around for general amusement.

  21. This is one my latest articles published in Healthmad.

  22. Damn, humankind can be fun sometimes.

  23. wow these conditions i never discovered. And i love researching on different birth defects alot.

    Now these conditions are on my list of searchs

  24. i thought it was very interesting and very sad however i did not like how you label the defects as “frog boy” and stuff like that i thought it seemed very inhumane!

  25. god bless these humans that have to live their lives with the birth defects that they have yes they are a child of god and for those idiots who want to make fun of them you should be ashamed of yourselves you must not have peolple in your life that loves you
    you are a bunch of imature assholes look at your dumb ass in the mirror before talking about a special person stop hatin because they have people that love them even though we don,t know them

  26. You know, The girls from the Crqanious parasetic thing whatever had my birthday :( too bad they died :( I was 6 years older :(

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