Blood Pressure: A Symptom Not a Disease

People do not take this symptom seriously and think this is just another disease but this can prove to be fatal, if not taken seriously.

The Blood Pressure

Some one may find it really amazing but the fact is that if some one is suffering from  high blood pressure, he/she has to live on medicines for rest of his/her life. This is very scary statement but one must be regular with his medicines because regularity on medicine is must for patients of Blood Pressure. People try to avoid them thinking that, as the Blood Pressure ciseis normal they can cut on dose.

However, that may prove to be fatal. This is not a disease but a symptom and you never know the reason of this. Therefore, that is one thing, then living a balanced life is some thing most mandatory.

Light exercises and workouts help. Salt intake should be lesser and keeping temper in control and be cheerful is another matter that may prove to be helpful too. Nevertheless, one should not do them without the proper guidance from an expert on these exercises, as they can be dangerous and unhealthy in some cases. The instructions must be, followed strictly.

Anyway, one must understand this clearly that blood pressure is not a disease but a symptom and cannot be cured forever, only kept under control.

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  1. Nicely analysed.

  2. I know what you mean. I have been on blood pressure medication for years and am careful not to miss a dose or I soon feel bad.

  3. Understanding this common health problem can give you the edge to apply other solutions. It is really a true notion when you have this.

  4. Need to check my BP :p

  5. Thanks a lot..

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